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How To Save Money on Hardwood Floors

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Hardwood floors are becoming more and more popular due to the beauty and subtle look they can bring to your home’s interior. Hardwood flooring typically is made of maple, oak, or ash trees, and this is the reason why they are expensive. The long life of this flooring makes up for the cost. If you are one of those who want hardwood flooring in your house but cannot afford it, the following tips might help you save some money:

  1. Make a Budget:

If you want to save some money on hardwood floors, start by making a budget before committing to the project. Include everything from the cost of your preferred hardwood floor to the cost of the labor. This will give you a pretty good idea of the finances involved. Once done, take out everything you think is unnecessary. This is an effective first step towards saving money on installing hardwood floors.

  1. Buy it Yourself:

It’s a good idea to buy the material used in hardwood floor yourself. There are two benefits to it, first; you are spared from the hustle of your contractor, second; you can bargain on the prices or select the budget-friendly material. This little effort can save you extra cash that can be used to buy other items for your house.

  1. Reliable Workers:

Always employ workers or contractors who specialize in the field. Amateurs might cost less initially but will be an expensive mistake as time goes by. Ask around your friends and family, they might know some reliable contractors, or simply do a little research yourself and make the best choice. It’s a digital world, so going online and researching the quality of service is an easy task. Their wages might be a bit high, but they will eventually save you money in the future with the quality of their work. 

  1. Compromise on grade:

If you want hardwood floors, but the grade of the wood you like is not financially viable, then you should compromise on the grade. Hardwood floors come in four grades;

  • Clear: Highest quality, Zero flaws, Highly expensive
  • Select High quality, Color variations, Knots, other natural flaws, Expensive.
  • No. 1 Common: Medium quality, Wormholes, Color Variations and Knots, Mid-Range 
  • No. 2 Common: Low Quality, Rustic, Wormholes, Knots and Color Variations, Low-range

Select from these four grades according to your budget. If the budget is strained, go for the common variations. They may be low on quality, but once installed look equally good as the clear or select grade wooden floor. 

  1. Prep Yourself:

Before starting a hardwood flooring project, make the necessary preparations yourself. This includes removing carpets, moving furniture, scraping the floor, cleaning the area, and other stuff that you might think can be done without any outside help. If your contractor, does it, you will be charged extra money, so it’s better to prep the area yourself.  

Hardwood floors are a good addition to the overall aesthetic of your house, but since they are a little expensive many people are put off by them. If you plan a little smartly, there is no way you can’t afford good hardwood flooring. 


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