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Fiberglass Pools: 5 Advantages They Have Over the Rest of the Cast

If you buy an above-ground or in-ground pool, you should probably know that there are different styles you can purchase. These pools are also made from various materials. You may not feel sure about what the best material is for your particular pool, though.

Before you contact a pool builder, you should think about the substances that might go into its construction. For instance, you can get a pool built from fiberglass.

Many home pool experts feel that fiberglass is the best material to use. Let us talk about why that is right now. 

It Works Great with Salt

You might decide you want to get a saltwater pool. Some people swear by them. If you get one, though, you should definitely consider going with fiberglass as the substance you use.

That is because salt water is quite abrasive, and if you have a concrete pool instead, the salt will damage it over time. If you go with a concrete option and plan to have a saltwater pool, the likelihood that you will need to resurface it after a few years becomes very high. This is not the case with fiberglass. 

It Is Less Maintenance than Concrete

When someone tells you that pools are a lot of work, you can counter by telling them that is not 

true with fiberglass ones. The maintenance of a concrete pool is much more than you can expect with fiberglass. You will usually spend less than half an hour per week maintaining a fiberglass pool, a fraction of the time that is taken up by a concrete one. 

You Will Almost Always Get Quicker Installation

Installing a concrete pool takes a good deal of time and energy, not to mention money. The workers will need to dig and then pour the foundation. 

They will not have to do any of that with a fiberglass pool. You can start enjoying your fiberglass pool in a fraction of the time it would take for you to hire a company to design and then install a concrete one. 

They Are Not as Rough on Your Bare Feet

If you have a concrete pool, you will probably enjoy walking around it barefoot. You will also get in the pool and walk around on the bottom.

If your pool has a concrete foundation, that can be rough on the bottoms of your feet, especially if they are delicate. A fiberglass pool is much easier on your feet, so you won’t notice they are sore and scuffed up after a day of relaxing by or in your pool.

There is Less of a Cost as Time Passes

The cost of installing a concrete or fiberglass pool is about the same, at least in the beginning. As time passes, though, you will save money if you go with fiberglass. 

You will often have to resurface a concrete pool eventually. The additional chemicals and various maintenance chores required for a concrete one will also not come into play with its fiberglass counterpart. 


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