6 Reasons Why You Should Adopt Minimalism


Minimalism is more than just acquiring less stuff, creating more space and having more free time. The lifestyle you choose, minimalist or otherwise, affects multiple facets of your personal life. It is, after all, a lifestyle. There are dozens of reasons why you would opt for the minimalist life besides the more obvious benefit of a decluttered environment. Here are six of the best.


1. Simple Is Sophisticated

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Once you shed the excess baggage in your life, you begin to understand that you do not need acres of overflowing closets to look stylish. Instead of chasing trends, you develop a uniquely personal style that is consistent with your body, tastes and lifestyle.

It may be a while before you can figure out what to wear and when. However, as you adjust to a minimalist look, you will grow in confidence and become more comfortable being better dressed – despite shrinking your wardrobe options. Minimalist-focused style websites such as The Trending Man can get you moving in the right direction.

2. Better Decision-Making

Procrastination, indecision and poor decisions are often the result of having to choose from too many alternatives. If you have to make a decision out of 20 options while someone else only has to choose from two, they have a much better shot at getting it right the first time.

When you get rid of a seemingly endless list of alternatives, you can focus your time and thoughts on the things that truly matter. By shrinking your available choices, minimalism boosts your decision-making confidence. You are more likely to be content with the choice you make.

3. Happiness Becomes a Decision

Why do we hoard stuff and spend hundreds of hours each year shopping for new clothes, shoes, electronics, furniture and more? It is all premised on the notion of “living your best life.” With each new purchase, you will indeed experience a high. But the feeling is only temporary and soon you will be back online or in the stores looking for that next feeling of elation. 

Minimalism can break this cycle. You start to realize you do not need to constantly acquire new stuff to be happy. Instead, you see happiness as a deliberate, inner decision.

4. Healthier Living

Understanding the things your body needs is essential. However, you need to take time and listen if you are to get the message. A cluttered lifestyle is characterized by noise and chaos that drowns out whatever message your body is trying to communicate.

Minimalism quiets your mind and your surroundings. This allows you to pay attention to your health needs. This benefit is in addition to the more direct advantage of a minimalist diet. That is, eliminating junk and filler foods in favor of simpler, healthier meals.

5. Comfort in Calm Silence

Many people will immerse themselves in an endless string of activities as an escape from the issues that trouble their mind. The danger with this approach to life is that the underlying problem is never dealt with and resolved.

With the minimalist lifestyle, you set aside moments where you pull back from the everyday rush and start to find comfort and solutions in silence and solitude. You no longer feel guilt from sitting still. It gradually dawns on you that doing nothing can still be rewarding.

6. Reduced Stress

Minimalism compels you to take a step back and reorganize yourself physically and mentally. The resulting decluttering culminates in a relaxed and relieved state of mind that improves your ability to function.

The reduced stress improves your capacity to form meaningful social connections. You pay more attention to how you treat the people around you and how you react to different situations. Minimalists are often good listeners, since this is a habit one must learn to live out the minimalist lifestyle.

A Personal Journey

If you are wondering about how to transition from your current lifestyle to a minimalist one, you will be glad to know that there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for everyone. Whereas there are universal principles to minimalist living, it is a deeply personal journey. There is no best or right way to become minimalist, nor is it all or nothing. You can take small steps and get there with time and settle on a version of minimalism that is best for you.


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