The Importance of Background Screening Checks in Recruitment

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When you run a business, it’s natural to feel highly protective over it. This protectiveness can often manifest in stringent standards on the products you sell or the people you hire. In this blog post, we’ll talk about the latter.

The people you work with, or the people who work for you, are an integral part of any business. They’re the ones on the frontline, ensuring that your products or services meet customer demand. Knowing you can trust your employees is vital, which is where background checks come into the picture.

You’re likely familiar with background checks. However, it’s less likely that you’re fully aware of their value. Understanding the expected background check timeframe and the benefits of the process can help ensure you’re hiring the right people.

So, why are they so crucial?

They Play a Key Role in Fraud Prevention

Many people lie on their job applications. Most of these ‘lies’ are entirely innocuous. But the kind of lie we’re talking about here isn’t an applicant overemphasizing the importance of their role as a barista. Instead, we’re talking about lies regarding identity and qualifications.

Depending on how specialized the position you’re offering is, qualifications can be integral to the role. Beyond that, legal standing and identity are vital information.

You need to know who you’re hiring is who they say they are. Companies offering services like a background check Iowa can assist with verifying all of this information and much more.

Your Data Stays Protected

Data breaches are hard to protect against entirely, but identity verification is a tremendous precaution to take.

Most data breaches result from an internal threat. You need to make sure your staff are trustworthy and have good intentions for your business.

Performing criminal record checks and reviewing previous employment are both effective ways of finding out who your applicants really are. This knowledge is critical if your business deals with a high volume of client information.

A private intel leak can give your entire brand a bad name, which may deter future customers. Protect your data, and you protect your company.

They Protect Your Existing Workforce

By effectively screening all new applicants, you help to keep your existing staff protected.

If you blindly hire anyone with a good resume, you have no way of regulating who works for you. This oversight can lead to increased employee theft rates and may even result in an assault on work premises.

This example is an extreme end of the spectrum, but it’s still an important consideration. Building a successful business relies upon a cohesive workforce.

You can only achieve this level of cohesion and integrity if everyone you take on is honest and diligent. Recruitment screening can give you this peace of mind.

They Cut Down Applicant Numbers

Last, but by no means least, background screening will cut down the number of applications you have to read. Don’t misunderstand—this doesn’t mean you’re increasing your chances of missing out on a fantastic employee. All it means is that the less-than-great applicants don’t make it to your inbox.

Time is money, as the age-old saying goes, which is most accurate when running a business.

You’re probably going to spend an entire evening (or a few days) looking through applications. You need to make sure they’re actually worth your attention. Recruitment screening provides that assurance.

Final Thoughts

On the face of it, background checks can seem time-consuming, but you’re saving yourself a lot of time in the long run. With the proper screening, you can hire a valuable employee that you may work with for years. Without screening, you may have to start the whole application process again in a few months.


Know who you’re hiring; perform background checks.


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