Happy Holidays from Great Northern Popcorn Co!

This Holiday Season don’t let the weather get you down, you can still enjoy a good movie and some fresh popcorn right in the comfort of your home. Everyone knows during the Holidays it can be really tough, all the ripping and running around looking to find that great gift for your loved ones and friends but Great Northern Popcorn has just what you need to have fun .

Great Northern Popcorn has been selected as one of our Top Picks this Holiday season. No more spending all that money at the show for popcorn, you know how costly that can be for a family…heck its expensive for one person!!

So when I reached out to them asking for a review they were delighted to have me feature the popcorn machine in our gift guide. This Table Top Retro Style popcorn machine is “Awesome”!

The kids and family will have so much fun using this popcorn maker this Holiday! Just think, all you need to do is grab your kids get that DVD and get started making your fresh popcorn right in your own home.

Let me tell you more about the company Great Northern Popcorn; this company has just about anything you need to making your home, business or event fun. Popcorn machines, Hot Dog Grill machines, Snow Cone machines, Cotton Candy machines and much more. Great Northern Popcorn Company’s product line is built for both home and other concession specialists.The have a reputation for quality, selection and excellence and I can see why. They are devoted to making their customers happy with their awesome line of products.

Great Northern Popcorn Company products can become the life of any party.  This table top retro popcorn maker will jazz up any area of your home with colors like back, red and blue they’re sure to add that flare to your home décor room.This popcorn machine is easy to use and safe for everyone. It is a Stainless Steel 2 1/2 oz kettle, has warming light to help keep your popcorn warm, a safety tilt for emptying your popcorn easy and safely. You can enjoy fresh popcorn within minutes and popcorn pops right into severing tray making it quick and safe for you to transfer.

It is made of heavy duty material that makes this popcorn maker very sturdy and is well constructed! Will also make any flavor popcorn you wish, so you can pop some good old caramel corn if you wish. With the  included measuring cup and magnet latch you can’t go wrong when placing your kernels in the kettle.

This is by far one of the hottest Holiday gifts to share with your family, maybe you might want something different like Great Northern Cotton Candy Machine Floss Maker, even though it is designed for commercial use it would still be cool for backyard parties or other events.

Great Northern Popcorn also has a Theater Popping Kit Deluxe-Gourmet Popping Set that you can invest in for your machine; actually they have supplies for lots of their machine.

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7 thoughts on “Happy Holidays from Great Northern Popcorn Co!

  • I love this! I so want one, we eat a lot of popcorn at our house.

  • Ah! I am a popcorn junkie and I can already picture the perfect place for that retro popcorn machine…!

  • I want one of these so bad! They are so cute and I can see us using it quite a bit.

  • This would be a great addition to our home. We eat A LOT of popcorn. It seems to be our snack of choice.


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