5 Popular Themes for Your Son’s Bedroom.

Whether you’ve just moved to a new place or you’ve decided it’s time to redecorate, if you’ve got a young boy at home then you’re probably considering adding some funky decor to keep his space fresh and exciting. The kids’ room can be one of the most fun spaces to decorate, it’s all about fun and cool themes, but if you’re still feeling a little stuck, here are some great ideas for themes that are sure to impress your son.


Pirates Ahoy!

Pirates have always been a classic amongst youngsters, their lawless ocean-bound lifestyles appealing to the wild at heart. Pirate ships on bedspreads, sea monsters on cushions and the Jolly Roger adorning the walls will all accent this nautical theme. Dress up a toy box as a treasure chest with leather straps and metallic buckles for a stunning and functional centerpiece. Displaying pirate themed toys and books on shelves is a great way to tie in storage with aesthetics when the items aren’t in use. Treasure maps also make for great imagery to be used either on cushions or as pieces of art on the wall.


For boys with a passion for the prehistoric, dinosaurs can make an entertaining and earthy theme for the bedroom. If you’re already using lots of neutral and natural tones in your home, a dinosaur theme can tie in perfectly, with browns, greens and cream colors a popular choice for this aesthetic. There are some easily recognizable dinosaurs that are sure to be familiar and engaging for dinosaur admirers – the T Rex, Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Pterodactyl are common stars of the playroom. They all have distinctive silhouettes that lend themselves well to decor.


A great theme for the active youngster is to tailor the room to reflect your son’s favorite sport. Whether it’s cricket, footy, basketball or even ballroom dancing, deck out your kid’s digs with lots of memorabilia and decor that ties in with it. For example, if your son’s favorite sport is cricket, why not create some bookends that resemble wickets and mount a bat (perhaps signed by a favorite team) on the wall as a piece of art.


If your child is a cartoon nut, why not choose a favorite show and decorate his room with themed decor and images. This is an easy theme, as most popular kids shows have lots of merchandise available in stores and online, created specifically for the purpose of adorning kids’ beds, desks and walls. A themed bedspread should be easy to get hold of, and collector’s edition prints and ornaments can add a more tasteful accent to the theme – this also lends itself to great gift ideas. For those with ever-changing tastes, why not choose basic colors, bedding and furniture and accent these with themed cushions, wall art, ornaments etc. That way, once your child finds a new favorite show, it’s easy to redecorate and change up the theme without having a renovation on your hands.

Outer Space

An old classic that is still as relevant to kids now as it was in your childhood, and probably even your dad’s. Outer space captures the minds of youngsters, the great wide unknown, full of bright stars and an endless space to explore. Rocket ships, stars, planets and the moon all make simple imagery with which to create your theme. Dark colors (blacks, blues and greys) with silver or gold accents can create a stylish and timeless look. You can make this theme as cartoonist or classic as you choose, but never go past the glow-in-the-dark stars and planets on the ceiling!

If you have two or more boys who share the same room, bunk beds are a great space saving solution that allow more room for different decorations and other pieces of furniture to finish off whatever theme you’re implementing.

So go ahead and give your sons’ bedroom a make over today, it will encourage their imagination and provide a fun environment for them to call their own.



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  • I love the cartoon theme especially Japanese/Korean cartoons because they are just so darn cute! Like Totoro if I have a boy and Hello Kitty if it’s a girl. 🙂


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