Review About The American General Life Insurance Company

In case one is looking for a reliable life insurance company that offers a plethora of insurance policies that can meet the unique needs of its clients then AIG is a great choice.


Well for starters, AIG is a renowned insurance company that offers insurance coverage to millions of people across eighty countries. Furthermore, if you have pre-existing health conditions that keep you from getting your hands on an insurance policy that serves your needs then AIG can be the solution to all your problems. For more details, here’s a place to start looking for AIG life insurance because Affordable Life USA represents AIG.


Available Policies From AIG

It is evident that AIG will offer plenty of options to its clients all over the globe and in case you are a resident of the USA then you are in luck as the options for you are also plentiful.

Details are as follows – 

Term Life Insurance

As per the information shared on the official website of AIG, you can have access to two types of term life insurance policies from AIG.

One is ‘select-a-term’ and the other is ‘QoL flex term’.

Both the aforementioned term life insurance policies can be converted into permanent life insurance policies any time you feel like the need to do so.

Another USP of AIG term life insurance policies is that there are several term lengths on offer. One can choose a term life insurance for ten years, for fifteen years, for thirty years or thirty-five years. Furthermore, the coverage amount can also vary and it is in the range of a hundred thousand dollars to about two million dollars!

Permanent Life Insurance

The available forms of permanent life insurance policies from AIG are as follows – 

  • You can get your hands on the guaranteed issue whole life insurance policy from AIG. The coverage range is wide as it can range between five thousand dollars to twenty-five thousand dollars. Furthermore, the applicant can be in the age group of 50 to 80 years old. The best part about this policy is that you would not need to say yes to a medical exam or answer a health questionnaire.


  • You can also get your hands on the universal life insurance policy if the terms suit your needs or


  • You can go for the variable universal life insurance policy where you can build cash value through lucrative investments.

Online Quotes Available

Apart from offering you plentiful options, AIG also offers interested parties the option to get online quotes for the insurance policies they find interesting. You can also get a quote from spokespersons associated with AIG by giving them a call on their insurance hotline. In case you are new in this area and want to know more about how an insurance policy works then the official website of AIG also has posts and articles that explain in detail the inner workings of an insurance policy. For more details, here’s a place to start looking for AIG life insurance because Affordable Life USA represents AIG.


In case you are looking for an insurer who can offer you reasonably priced and simple insurance policies that can cover your personal or family-related expenses then AIG has got your back. For more details, feel free to visit the official website of the insurance company or take help from a financial advisor.



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