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Plastic Recycling: A Non-Herculean Task that can help the Environment in a Big Way

Plastic is a widely-used commodity nowadays and almost everyone cannot live without it. Being compact as well as lightweight are some of the reasons why it has become popular. Some of the most common plastic items that are utilized nowadays are containers, bottles, food packages, and bags, among others.

The Problem with Using Plastic

Despite the countless benefits of plastic, it should be noted that it should be used responsibly; otherwise, it will create a myriad of environmental disasters. This is because plastic is not biodegradable, which means it will not breakdown and disintegrate when thrown away.

On the other hand, when it is burnt, it produces harmful chemicals that can damage the ozone layer. Because of the drawbacks of using the said commodity, plastic recycling has been developed.

Plastic Recycling

Plastic recycling is a process that aims to bring out new commodities from plastic wastes. This particular recycling method is a bit complicated than other forms of recycling that is why it is a bit expensive.

Also, not all types of plastic can be recycled and the recyclable ones have high molecular weight. For this reason, simply having them undergo intense heat will not dissolve their polymer chains.

In addition to the abovementioned complexities, different kinds of plastic cannot be combined because of their different melting phases.

Despite the abovementioned challenges, plastic recycling is worthwhile endeavour that many people invest in, because of the countless advantages that they bring.

Advantages of Recycling

The use of fossil fuels (commodities that are slowly becoming scarce nowadays) can be reduced if plastic recycling will be performed. This is because recycling plastic items to produce new ones is more cost efficient than manufacturing from scratch.

The amount of plastic that will find its way to landfills and dumpsites will be drastically minimized. In the long run, this can eliminate water and soil pollution.

Carbon emissions and greenhouse gases can be greatly reduced because excess plastic will not be burned to be dispersed.


With the effects of global warming becoming more and more rampant nowadays, engaging in plastic recycling has become more crucial than ever. That is why everyone should make it a goal to help the environment.

It should be noted that ordinary individuals do not need to perform Herculean tasks to do so. Even performing little things such as recycling plastic bags or bottles can go a very long way.



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5 thoughts on “Plastic Recycling: A Non-Herculean Task that can help the Environment in a Big Way

  • I’ve dabbled into the world of recycling but often get lazy with it. Thank you for your post to remind me how important it is that we do this.

  • We do our part to recycling and going green. I think every little thing helps for sure in making a world a better place.

  • I have to admit that I don’t have it all set in my mind about which plastics can be recycled and which can’t. I need to make myself a chart and just put it on the inside of the cabinet or something!

  • I love the way you laid this out in your post. It is a great resource for people to come read to understand the value of recycling plastic.

  • Recycling really is a simple way to help the environment, and doesn’t require any effort aside from throwing out your plastic in a separate container. Our recycling is picked up by our trash company every other week, making it super easy.


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