Natural remedies that will boost your energy to last all day long!!


One thing that everyone feels they need is more energy. There are multiple issues with most of the energy drinks and pills out there. Many of them are caffeine based and this will undoubtedly lead to some form of a crash later in the same day. The same is true of heavily sugar based energy drinks.

The best thing about most of the natural remedies that provide energy is the fact that they are not based on caffeine and sugar, but rather another chemical that is found in nature. Many of these will produce the same positive effects and not have any nasty side effects.

Some of these have been found to produce energy and also have additional benefits.

• Cayenne

Cayenne based energy pills have a whole host of other benefits. The majority of these are boosts to the immune system. The common cold and influenza are often found to be non-existent or less long-lasting in people that commonly use a Cayenne based energy remedy. Some people have even found that general health has improved for those that simply add Cayenne pepper to their diet. If this is not something that is appealing to a person because of personal tastes, then there are several over-the-counter remedies that contain Cayenne.

• Siberian ginseng

While it may not boost the energy level immediately, Siberian ginseng will give all day energy further down the line by normalizing all of the body’s functions and chemical responses. This means a better handle of stress and a better physical response to both stress and the workload that a person may have.

There are many times when the human body gets out of whack and both stress and normal living are not handled properly by the body. This means a run down and listless feeling throughout the day. This is often handled best by the addition of a Siberian ginseng remedy.

• Royal jelly

Anyone that has studied the effects of various natural chemical on energy levels will know the B-complex is a powerful ally in the fight for more energy. Bee pollen is a great source of the B-complex vitamins and Royal jelly is a deeper and more concentrated extract from the same source. Whole Bee pollen may be used more for both energy and overall health, Royal jelly can be considered the weapon of choice when it comes to energy alone.

Many people are advocates of B-12 when it comes to energy. A lot of the energy drinks will have B-12 in them in large quantities and there are even over-the-counter B-12 pills that dissolve under the tongue for a faster effect. This is fine, but it is generally better to take a more natural approach and get your B-12 in a B-Complex. Otherwise, you are missing the good effects that the entire B-Complex can have for a healthier lifestyle.

• Gotu Kola

Gotu Kola is a very interesting choice for energy. When a person has a busy lifestyle, they often find that depression comes with a loss of energy. Gotu Kola not only corrects the energy loss, but the depression as well. The best thing about this energy booster is the fact that it will not keep a person awake, but somehow actually makes it easier to go to sleep at night.

There is a certain overall correctness that can be felt after using Gotu Kola for a period of time. Depression fades away energy increases and a sense of well-being falls into place. The natural progression of the day becomes much more natural. This is a great remedy for parents of infants. Many parents of children that are up and down all night find that they are unwilling to take anything for energy because they are afraid of not getting to sleep or not waking and Gotu Kola is a great way to make everything come together.

The world can get pretty dark sometimes for those that have a busy schedule. The future may seem to be a long road of never getting enough sleep again. There are people that have expressed the belief that they may not get the right amount of sleep until they retire. This does not have to be the case. The proper use of the right remedies can make life easier and make feeling better a part of a new and bright future.

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Ron Thompson writes for Del-Immune V®, a unique probiotic supplement made from the lactobacillus rhamnosus which is a natural immune system booster and offers how to treat sinusitis. Visit Del Immune for more ways how to improve immunity with Del-Immune V.


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  • March 12, 2014 at 12:29 am

    I love natural remedies. I’m particularly fond of Tea Tree Oil and Black Salve.

  • January 8, 2013 at 1:49 am

    This is very interesting. Haven’t heard of Gotu Kola until now, but seems to be really helpful to boost energy. Thanks for sharing this post, it truly is very educating especially to those who need to have lots of energy for their day to day living. Great job! 🙂 xoxo Muse


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