9 Best Online IT Training Resources to Advance Your Career

Are you trying to figure out the best online IT training resources? Read this article to learn about the best resources online to advance your career.

Approximately 4.6 million people currently work in the IT field throughout the United States.

Are you interested in becoming one of them? Are you unsure of what training you need to secure an IT position?

Every job has different certification and training requirements. However, there are lots of great resources out there you can reference to master the tricks of the trade.

Read on to learn about nine of the best online IT training resources you can start using today.

1. Oracle University

Oracle University provides you with access to tons of different courses and certifications. The university’s IT-related courses and certifications, in particular, have seen significant growth over the last several years.

With Oracle, you’ll be able to learn about a variety of subjects, from data warehousing and Java programming to ERP and supply chain management.

There are lots of different ways that you can learn, too, including instructor-led courses, on-demand courses, and self-paced online learning. They have something available for everyone.

2. Microsoft Learning

What better company to teach you the ins and outs of information technology than Microsoft? Microsoft Learning is one of the world’s largest training organizations. They offer lots of different types of courseware and classroom training approaches.

Hundreds of Microsoft Learning courses are even available for free. They’re a great option for folks who want to dip their toe in the IT pond before fully committing to it as a career. You can learn through the Microsoft Learning company directly, or you can take one of their courses through another third-party certification company.

3. Project Management Institute

The Project Management Institute gives you a chance to earn several established professional credentials that will help you learn the skills needed to qualify for many different IT jobs. They prioritize problem-solving skills and will give you the tools to handle everything related to project management and implementation.

The Project Management Professional (or PMP) credential, in particular, is highly regarded and would be a great feather for anyone in the IT industry to have in their cap.

4. The Cisco Learning Network

If you’re looking to become a master of everything Cisco-related, you can’t go wrong with the Cisco Learning Network. This is the perfect place to go for all your Cisco training and certification needs.

As with the Microsoft training products mentioned above, you can access Cisco’s training products through the company itself or through a third-party vendor. When looking for certifications, always make sure they feature the Cisco Certified Learning Partner logo. This helps you ensure the vendor is legitimate.

5. Red Hat

For those who are more interested in taking the open-source approach to IT mastery, consider checking out Red Hat.

Red Hat is a vendor of Open Source Linux software (as well as many other software programs). There are tons of different training programs you can explore, from cloud computing and systems management to security and load balancing.

There are lots of different education options available through Red Hat, too. The list includes remote instructor-led online classes as well as self-paced online options for those who prefer to work alone.

6. Skillsoft

Skillsoft, a global training company with a vast array of course options, is also worth checking out if you’re interested in IT work. It’s also a good choice if you already work in the field.

In addition to helping individuals gain the skills they need, Skillsoft is also in the business of developing and delivering training content that is personalized for specific businesses and organizations. These tools can help employees get on the same page and ensure they remain up to speed with the latest changes and improvements in the IT industry.

7. Digital Intelligence

Digital Intelligence is an ideal training resource if you’re interested in digital forensics work. It’s a small niche of the whole IT world, but there are a lot of opportunities available if you master this specialized form of training.

Through Digital Intelligence, you can take courses on all kinds of computer forensics subjects. Having this knowledge at your fingertips could make you a valuable asset to any company and will help you stand out from other IT applicants.

8. Fast Lane

Fast Lane provides you with access to several major vendor-specific certifications. The company has an impressive reach, too, with subsidiaries all across the Americas, as well as in Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa.

Fast Lane gives you access to instructor-led and self-directed online classes, so it’s easy to find a setup that works for your needs and schedule. Through them, you can gain all kinds of certifications, including Cloudera, Riverbed, Amazon Web Services, and Brocade.

Fast Lane also has its own multi-vendor converged platform, which combines components from several different vendors and allows you to learn all of them at once.

9. ExitCertified

ExitCertified is another platform that will give you access to training from multiple vendors (over 45 of the leading tech brands) in one convenient location. They use the leading IT technologies to teach their courses, which are available online and in-person to help people from all walks of life gain the skills they need.

ExitCertified offers over 9500 courses and is available in 54 countries. It offers five different delivery formats, too. This highly versatile program is perfect for those who are hoping to gain more IT knowledge on the side, as well as those who want to pursue IT learning full-time so they can launch their careers faster.

Check Out the Best Online IT Training Resources Today

If you’re ready to pursue a career in the IT industry, all of these resources are great ones to consider.

Be sure to keep this list of the best online IT training resources in mind so you can get high-quality training and learn everything you need to know to succeed in IT (and land a job right away). You’ll be in good hands working with any of these training organizations.

Do you want to learn more about working in IT? If so, don’t forget to head over to the Technology section of our website today for more insights.



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