Top Video Downloading Apps for your Android

Even though all of us love YouTube and it has always been our first choice for viewing the latest videos, it still has some service issues. One can save the videos so that it can be viewed later at ones convenience but it definitely does not allow any third party app to download videos for you. Now, just in case you do wish to download a video or want to watch some videos but don’t think that YouTube is your preferred choice, there are several other apps that are available and that you can use. Some of these are Tubemate, Snaptube, Keepvid, Vidmate app and several others.

Some of the best Video Downloader’s for your Android are:

  1. TubeMate: This is a good downloader app. With an elegant interface that is pretty easy to use, you could download several videos from a wide range of video sharing apps. TubeMate features a built-in browser that lets you access any site that you like and following which you could download any video from this very site. One more feature that is liked by the users is the option of choosing the video quality before you download the file. Also, the videos would be stored directly in your android phones memory.
  2. KeepVid: The one video downloader that has been popular for some time now. The users have an option to download for almost 27 plus sites and that too at a faster rate. The App features both a built in audio and video player. Here the users can download videos up to 4k resolution. The app is free for use and so it has various ads on it but in case wishes to view an Ad free video, you would have to purchase the premium version of the app.
  3. Snaptube: This one is considered as one of the most trustworthy downloader’s for an Android device. With a very interactive user interface one is surely to like this one. An important feature that the snaptube has is searching the YouTube video directly from a search bar of Snaptube. This one also enables the user to download fast and gives the flexibility of changing the quality of video before even downloading it.
  4. Vidmate: This app is one of the most remarkable video downloader apps that can be used for Android. The app is extremely reliable and gives the user a stress free experience. The files that are available on it are in form of categories like TV shows, movies, music, etc and therefore if makes it easy to search. In the downloading setting of this app one has an option of selecting the location for the downloaded video. Amongst the other features this one has fast downloading speeds, a wide variety of content, built in audio and video player, one thing worth mentioning is a hidden folder which is inside the app and could be used for hiding content that you don’t want others to see.

So the next time you wish to download we suggest selecting the vidmate app for downloading all your favorite videos. It contains loads of videos in HD quality.



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