8 Wedding Planning Tips and Advice

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Are you thinking about tying the knot? Do you want your big day to be perfect and go by without a glitch? Whether you’re hiring a wedding planner or planning yourself, these tips will help you kick off the process and exchange your headache and stress for true enjoyment.


    1. Start Planning Early

The earlier you start planning for the wedding, the easier and less stressful it will be for your partner and you as the big day approaches. With a clear plan before the wedding, you will always be on top of everything, sure that you won’t forget something important. 

    2. Nail Your Budget

Before you start spending, you need to figure out your rough guest count. Then, you can calculate your target budget that won’t stretch you too far. Couples often forget all the little extras, but you need to think about every detail if you want your budget to work. 

Don’t overlook the additional costs like beauty expenses, dress alternations, or gifts. Even though these costs may not seem significant, they can quickly add up! 

    3. Choose the Right Venue

When it comes to how big of success your wedding will be, choosing the right venue plays a crucial role.

Certain places are a sure hit – saying your vows in one of Queenstown Wedding Venues destinations, such as Kinross or Kamana Lakehouse, is just like the perfect backdrop for a postcard. From lush green hills to snow-capped mountains with golden belts floating at sunset – you can have it all!

Because of the pandemics, try to stay away from the indoor spaces as they can be risky. It’s much safer to opt for a lovely open venue instead.

    4. Listen to The Mother Nature

Before you choose the actual date, pay special attention to the weather forecast and other possible annoyances. Guests tend to skip out early when the weather is too hot. Bugs can also be a problem in certain areas, so you need to think about that as well. 

When setting your date, check what is happening in and around your destination town or city. Conferences, parades, and graduations can impact the whole wedding atmosphere.

    5. Make It Personal

Your wedding should be personal, a true reflection of you and your partner. It should tell your stories about your family backgrounds, personal styles, interests, and travels. Find significant details from these stories and use them as fun and unique elements for the wedding. 

    6. Be Creative With Your Menu

One of the essential things at weddings is the food, so you have to perfect that one.

If you want your wedding to stand out from the others, forget about traditional menus, and serve your guests something more creative, again representative of you and your partner. 

Don’t skimp in deserts area. If done right, it’s something your guests will talk about weeks after the wedding.

    7. Practice Self-Care

Planning a wedding can last for months or even an entire year. How you and your partner spend this time is important, as it can make or break your wedding experience. Don’t forget to practice self-care during this period, and avoid focusing on your wedding alone. If things get too stressful, remember what it’s all about – marrying the person you love, with all the people important to you in one place. Try to relax and truly enjoy it. 

    8. Have Plan B

Even though no one really likes to think about it, something can go wrong, no matter how much hard you’ve tried to plan it all. It doesn’t have to be pandemics, opening up the doors for virtual weddings. It may be something as simple as a rainy day despite the forecast or the problem with your catering. 

You can predict anything that could happen, but try to plan alternatives for some most likely scenarios. This way, these situations won’t catch you unprepared, and you won’t be all stressed out on your big day.

If you’re planning to spend big, checking out wedding insurance options is also a good idea.

Wedding planning can be stressful, but if you’re using the tips above, you can take the stress away and enjoy it. 



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