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Visiting Amazing places will recharge your energy, but where to go first?

The world is abundant with unique sites, both harmonious and mysterious, that may nourish and enrich us through their energy and positive vibrations. If you feel the need to recharge your batteries at this point, we understand why and want to stimulate your wanderlust and promote mental and physical wellbeing.

With that in mind, we’ve put up a list of physical and spiritual wellness vacation suggestions for you to consider when the time comes to pack your bags. Starting with Easter Island.


  Easter Island

The legendary Moai statues, mysterious monolithic stone statues constructed all along the shore to watch silently over their offspring, are the significant reason nearly everyone visits Easter Island. 

Some have been restored in significant sites such as Ahu Tongariki and make for magnificent photography. In contrast, the quarry where they were made in the volcanic crater of Rano Raraku is another must-see.

While most groups take a private trip to the island, once you set foot on Easter Island, you will find that there are an abundance of different ways to get out and about. Travelers can visit most of the locations on foot or by mountain bike, and horseback riding is also an option. 

Although it usually is pleasant, the weather can be fickle, with winter temperatures average 19°C and 24°C in the summer. The craggy coastline of Easter Island and the beautiful Polynesian beaches are stunning.

Easter Island is so photogenic vacations are ideal for seeing the island’s unique and fascinating moai monuments, volcanic craters and caves, gorgeous beaches, rock sculptures, and ancient ceremonial sites while also learning about Rapa Nui culture.

Let’s go to Mexico for our next recommendation.

Tulum, Mexico

Tulum’s tranquil vibe has aided in its transformation from a remote hippie enclave to a wellness holiday hotspot. Tulum is a laid-back town 75 miles south of Cancun provides an increasing number of yoga and spa getaway alternatives. Its eponymous ancient Mayan Tulum ruins anchor this region inside Mexico’s Riviera Maya. 

Whether it’s doing yoga on the beach, getting a beachfront massage, engaging in a sweat lodge or Temazcal or taking part in a ceremony with a local shaman, or riding bikes under a canopy of tropical palms, you’ll be sure to recharge your batteries here.

Sedona, Arizona

Natural energy vortexes with particular healing properties are reported to exist amid the red rock landscapes of Sedona. When you arrive you can stay at one of the many rental properties or resorts in the region that cater to mindful relaxation to tap into this incredible energy.

You can also hike to sacred places nearby or take an organized tour to some of the most famous Boynton Canyon, Bell Rock, and Cathedral Rock. Because Sedona is part of the International Dark Sky Community, the nighttime sky has been kept so much darker here, allowing for extraordinary stargazing and possibly more profound and more restful nights of sleep.

The Pacific Crest Trail

The Pacific Crest Trail is an aspirational hiking trail to contemplate. In her memoir-turned-movie “Wild,” author Cheryl Strayed helped make this West Coast route famous, propelling it to become a domestic bucket list excursion. 

The trail twists its way through California, Oregon, and Washington for 2,650 miles from the Mexican border to Canada. It goes through 25 national forests, seven national parks, 57 major mountain passes, and over 1,000 lakes on its way to the Pacific Ocean. 

So, yes, there is enough of an inspiring landscape. Take in the scenery on a trail that has more wildness than any other in the United States. There’s nothing quite like the real world to make you feel at one with nature.

Camino de Santiago, Spain

With so many beautiful places to visit globally, we thought we should spread the joy by mentioning Europe and the Camino de Santiago. The iconic trail was made famous by Martin Sheen in the 2010 movie The Way. 

The basic premise is that a father travels to Spain to retrieve his estranged son’s body while walking “El Camino de Santiago” and then resolves to walk the pilgrimage himself. The film is dramatic, and the trail is mind blowing, and each traveler has a different reason for taking the trip. 

The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, is one of the world’s most revered treks for the soul-searching population. Committing to the entire voyage, which is 500 miles long and can take over a month to accomplish, is not for the faint of heart or unfit to come to that – many people choose to travel only a portion of the journey. Here’s why….

The Camino begins in either France or Portugal and winds its way through gorgeous countryside and small communities to the cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in northwest Spain, depending on which route you choose and covers a stretch of 157 miles depending on your chosen path.

The “modern” Camino attracts tourists from all over the world, each on their quest, be it recreational, spiritual, or a combination of both, and is no longer simply a religious pilgrimage as it was in the Middle Ages. 

Because the infrastructure along the well-traveled road is good, you won’t need to plan every aspect. Many pilgrims say fellow travelers inspired them to make life-changing changes by fellow pilgrims they met along the way. 

We hope you’re inspired to take a trip soon. Happy travels folks!


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