Volunteering opportunities at Army Cadet Force?

Volunteering opportunities at Army Cadet Force?

A recent survey of cadet force adult volunteers gave some interesting results:

  • 99.7% said volunteering had improved their ability to help develop young people
  • 98.8% said it had improved their ability to help others
  • 91.9% said it was important in making them feel part of the community
  • 86.7% said it helped them develop interpersonal skills
  • 86% said it helped them develop organizational skills
  • 84% feel it has given them better job prospects.

Army cadet force in london provides a range of volunteering opportunities available

5 reasons show the benefits of volunteering

  1. Job and CV Benefits

With jobs harder than ever to get amongst young people, with more applicants than ever for jobs, maybe even hundreds per place, Because of this it is essential to stand out to potential employers. One of the best ways to do this is to volunteer, not only does it show your altruism, making your would be employers think of you as a caring individual, but it also shows you to not be part of the flock, willing to try new things and take on challenges others wouldn’t

  1. Expanding Your horizons

Many people volunteer away from home, meaning not only can you be exposed to different levels of society but also you can gain a glimpse into other cultures, “volunteering”- the term for volunteering in foreign country’s has never been more popular amongst young adults and provides a great way to travel the world while helping others and improving yourself

  1. You’re not the only one benefiting, you’re also Helping others

Not only does volunteering help improve yourself; it is also a great way to help others less fortunate than yourself, allowing you to have a positive impact upon the world, in itself its own reward.

  1. You can gain new skills

Many of the skills you can gain through volunteering can be not only useful, but easily transferable  while some may be vocational, and even encourage you to seek certain jobs, many skills gained such as leadership, team work, planning and decision making set you in good stead for not just any job, but also for life.

  1. You can meet new people meet new people

Volunteering can be a great way to meet new people, from all sorts of walks of life and who share your values and make new friends from places you may not have expected. It will also increase your ability to work and function as part of a fully functioning team

The author of this article has over 20 years of experience in volunteering.


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