Top Ten Cute Party Outfits for Toddlers.

Top Ten Cute Party Outfits for Toddlers

When you have little children, it can seem as if your life is taken over by an endless round of parties and get-togethers. Although these can sometimes feel like a chore, try to enjoy these special times, as once your kiddies are grown up things just won’t be the same!

With regards to party outfits, Mums are faced with the eternal dilemma. Do you spend money on an outfit which you know will get ruined, or do you dress your child in their everyday clothes and risk looking like you haven’t made an effort? Never fear, there is a third way! There are lots of super baby clothes ideas for baby and toddler party wear, which needn’t cost the earth.

If you’re wondering what to dress your toddler in for parties this summer, here are some handy ideas for starting points.

1. Nothing beats a traditional party dress for your little girl. Think pink, think tutu, think frilly sleeves. Even if it’s only once that she will wear it, the party dress is the ultimate toddler wear indulgence. Your darling will look and feel like a princess on her special day.

2. Have you thought about purchasing a special birthday party hat or crown? Your little boy or girl will feel like a king or queen for a day and you can even get the hat to match the rest of their outfit! Perfect!

3. A tutu makes a fun outfit for a little girl’s birthday, especially if worn with a leotard and ballet pumps. This could be particularly apt if you are having a ballet-themed party or if the girls want to make up a show! Accessorise with a matching headband and shoes.

4. Choose dungarees for your baby boy. He will look adorable with his legs and arms poking out! These are particularly handy if you are having the party on a hot day.

5. How about a ruffled set of pinafore and bloomers? Your toddler will look too cute as she crawls all over the presents.

6. For kitsch cute, think overalls or t-shirt dresses emblazoned with favourite cartoon characters, perfect for either sex. Your little one will be as fascinated with his outfit as he is with his new presents!

7. For something which can be worn again, choose a sweet monogrammed dress for girls, or a waistcoat and bow tie for boys.

8. Boys will love nothing better than to dress up as their favorite superhero or character! Think cowboy, Ben 10, Harry and the Dinosaurs or even as a Pokemon! If your boy decides to dress up as a pokemon, I’d recommend either Charmander or Pikachu — both of which are available at

9. If your son or daughter is particularly prone to making a mess, how about customizing an old t-shirt with their name and then letting them run riot. You won’t have wasted any money on fancy clothes and the photos will look good.

10. If all else fails, go for the old staple of choosing either a t-shirt emblazoned with various forms of transport for boys, or a dress with cute animal prints for girls. You can’t really go too far wrong!

We hope these hints have given you some inspiration to find fantastic party outfits for your little ones. The main thing is that your child likes their outfit and feels comfortable wearing it. Hopefully you will also get a buzz knowing that you have dressed them to look their best. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to be able to dress your child in the outfit more than once – make sure that it is machine washable and your chances of doing so will dramatically increase!

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