Five Best farewell gift ideas for a colleague in Singapore.

There is always a time when we have to say goodbye to a colleague who is moving to another company. Sometimes it’s easy and just a matter of saying thank you, but sometimes the goodbye can be difficult. These are the five best farewell gift for a colleague that should make the farewell process easier on everyone.


Personalized magazine.

A personalized magazine is one of the best farewell gifts that the person receiving it can enjoy. It’s not good to just give a plain old magazine with your name on it. Get their photos in there, and make them happy.

If they are leaving the country it’s best to get the desired magazine in the country they are leaving or at least get them a digital copy via e-mail so they can read it on their overseas vacations.

Flower Bouquet with Chocolates.

Flowers have always been a good way to reward people. It shows that you care and that you remember them. Chocolates are always a good companion to go along with flowers.

A bouquet of flowers with a box of chocolates is a good way to say thank you and goodbye to a colleague. It is also a very thoughtful and nice way to show them how much you care about them.

Photo frame with best wishes message.

Making a framed photo with your colleague’s best moments together is a good way to say goodbye. It’s a simple gift but it has a lot of meaning for them. You can have the frame printed with personalized wishes or quotes from you or the company.

The frame is something that they will have with them even after they move on to the next chapter in their life. It’s a good remembrance of you and your time together as colleagues and friends.

Gift Basket.

A gift basket will make a good farewell gift to a colleague. A gift basket is something that you can get creative with and make more personal. You can have everything in the basket be things that they profess to like or love.

A gift basket is very thoughtful and unique. It shows that you spent time putting it together and thinking about what they might enjoy. Make sure to include some food and drinks, chocolates, things most people likes, etc.


Personalized coffee mug.

A personalized coffee mug with a photo of you and your colleague is a good goodbye gift. You can have it on a mug with a picture of you both or put it on a coffee mug that says “Good Luck” or something like that.

This shows how much you care about them and that you are wishing them good luck as they move on in their career. It will also remind them of the time they spent together, making the goodbye gift easier for everyone.


It’s good to show that you care enough about a person that you want to remember them, no matter where they are going or what their goals are. Everyone needs a little something to remind them of that special time they spent with their company and friends. The best farewell gift for a colleague can go a long way in accomplishing that objective.



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