10 Gifts Ideas If You Are Short on Cash

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Whether it’s their birthday or the holidays, we all like to show appreciation for our loved ones with gifts. But, what if you’re short on cash?

The following 10 gift ideas are a great way to show that appreciation without breaking the bank …

1) Bake or Cook a Meal

You might not be able to afford anything extravagant, but nothing shows that you care more than a meal cooked with love or … home baked chocolate brownies!

For a significant other make it romantic, for children make it fun, and for anyone else make it hearty and filling!

Tip: If you’re baking a cake, write a personal message in icing on the top to make it all the more personal.

 2) Novelty Items or Interesting Gadgets

If you don’t have the money to buy your loved one something they really want, you can still find something useful or fun. Retailers and online stores are full of cheap novelty items and gadgets that make for great gifts.

There’s everything from key rings that can connect to someone’s phone so they can find their key, to spider and bug catchers for those that don’t want to whack them with the newspaper.

3) The Chore Coupon

If you can’t afford a gift you can still offer your time in a fun and creative way. Design and print your own coupon offering the recipient a free chore.

For example, perhaps you offer to do your housemate’s washing up or to do the hovering and cook dinner on Mother’s Day.

4) The IOU Date

Similar to the chore coupon you can design and print and IOU for your significant other. For example:

“Tim owes Jane one romantic meal out at a restaurant of her choosing.”

It doesn’t have to be redeemed right away and your parent will usually know not to pick something too fancy if times are hard.

 5) Alcohol

If your gift recipient is a drinker, then you can’t go wrong with a bottle of their favourite alcohol or an alcohol-related gift set. These aren’t usually too expensive unless they have luxury tastes.

6) A Personalized Playlist

A great gift for a significant other or long-time friend is a personalized playlist. You can go old-school and make this on a CD or cassette tape, but a digital file can work too.

Think of songs you have shared together or grown up together with or songs you associate with them.

Make an accompanying list with information about why you chose each song or if you’re brave, record your own voice between songs explaining what each song means in the vein of a radio presenter.

7) Subscription Service

Subscription services are really popular right now, from vegan food ingredients to male grooming products. Find one your recipient will like and pay for the first month, a couple of months, or whatever special offer is available. Once they’ve tried the service it will be up to them to continue it or not.

TIP: If you are short on cash until you next get paid, but want to buy something a bit pricier for your loved one, you could always obtain a $500 payday loan easily online.

8) Chocolate and Candy

Everyone loves chocolate and candy and a simple box can go a long way as a gift. To show your creativity, why not make your own hamper or basket full of smaller treats that your loved one likes? You could also leave a card inside with a personal message.

9) A Personalized Mug

Personalization is all the rage right now and a simple and affordable option is to personalize a mug with a funny or heartfelt message. You could top this up by filling the mug with chocolate or candy.

If you’re going the humorous route, put the message on the base of the mug so when they pick it up they see your crude or offensive handiwork.

10) A Personalized Card

If you have little money at all, a personalized card from an online service is always a good option. You can use photos from social media of you both and write your own heartfelt message.


As the old saying goes, it’s the thought that counts and most people will recognize that if you treat them to one of the above gifts. If you have any gift ideas of your own that can help those short on cash, let us know in the comments below!


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