Top Ten Sarees Trends for Wedding Celebrations

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Whether it is the best friend’s wedding, or the cousin’s wedding or a colleague’s wedding, you always want to turn up resplendent and at your best. So what should you wear? What is the current trend that’s driving the market crazy? If you are a fan of the nine yards, sit pretty and prepare to get intoxicated by the sheer variety of party wear sarees that are creating a furor.

Designer Sarees the Glamor Add-ons

The designer sarees which are quickly flying off the rack are the current trend toppers. With the advent of designer sarees online, women are spoilt for choice. There are many wedding sarees which should find a place in your wardrobe. Gone are those days when all you really got to wear was some heavy sarees and found it really cumbersome to move. Now, all you have to do is to take it easy, these following pointers are going to help you.

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  1. Draping drama – The look of a designer saree completely changes when you drape it differently. Yes, we always think of wearing a saree in the traditional way in the weddings but if you want to travel in a different boat think draping it in a way so that you can highlight your blouse. The shirt style blouses are so on trend right now! The cuffs and collars are highlighted with heavy embroidery. Looking ethereal in sarees has never been so easy.
  2. Saree gowns – Saree gowns are the latest designs to figure high on the trend-o- meter and to solve the problems of those young brides who find it difficult to handle sarees and its numerous pleats. Saree gowns are a saviour where you just need to slip into it. It feels like a dress and looks like a saree.
  3. The design dreams – The net fabric is the most sought-after fabric these days, breathable yet stylish it makes the latest wedding sarees look glamorous and trendy. Gota, Patti, and resham work on the sarees beautify the garment considerably. The ornate sarees with heavy zardozi work is still the bankable option for many brides or bridesmaids who would swear by these timeless sarees.
  4. The New age blouse with wedding sarees – Blouses to give your saree a brand new look is the latest fashion entrant. The quirkier the better, so now in place of traditional blouses we have corsets, lace-sleeved blouses, off- shoulder, sleeveless or long-sleeved, even crop tops with collars and heavily sequined blouses are the variants of the same thing but adds a different twist to it.
  5. Cocktail sarees – Cocktail sarees a heady amalgamation of the old and the new is a beautiful variation of the old heavy banarasi sarees. The fabrics have a certain amount of fluidity in them like crepe georgette chiffons and so on.
  6. The metallic rage- Wedding wear sarees are taking on a brand new color every day and the color to sport this season is definitely metallic hues such as gold, silver, bronze or copper. The shimmer and shine saree varieties help you dazzle the world.  When you wear a super shimmering saree, remember not to go overboard on accessories.
  7. Vintage feels – The current crop of designers is fusing elements of the old and the new with dexterity like an old banarasi or kanjeevaram saree they are embellishing it with zardozi and sequin work, to give it a luxurious and rich feel. This is the perfect combination to wear it to weddings, a combination of modern shimmer and traditional feels. Silhouettes too are the latest buzz-word. As brides or women, in general, are very conscious of the fall of their wedding or party wear sarees. They ensure they wear sarees which are form flattering and yet preserve a rich look, consider choosing one that does justice to your body-type.
  8. The super long pallu – The extended train in your sarees is creating a ripple in bridal fashion. This Western style is an Indian take on Western gowns. This has a cape-like drape, that manages to make you look ethereal with its unique draping styles. This kind of saree is usually available in a multitude of colors such as mesh and chiffon to create the maximum impact.
  9. Lehenga sarees- These sarees are another stunning variant perfect for weddings and they have been in vogue for quite some time. This gives the saree a lovely twist. The lower portion of the garment takes the form of a lehenga while the top part resembles a saree.
  10. The pastel punch – You always imagined red and other bold hues to be part of your wedding color code, but things are changing drastically nowadays, especially the color code. The shimmering pastels are now jostling for primacy with the reds and the fuchsia. The powder blues, the dusty pinks, the champagnes, the muted nudes all are making a royal comeback. No longer, do you have to keep your wedding sarees packed and unused in the furthest corner of your wardrobe. Now, you can wear it on another occasion as well without sticking out like a sore thumb.

So, if you buy sarees online or salwar kameez online you are no longer the coy bride who does not bring fashion into her scheme of things. Fashion looms large in her scenario and she makes sure she incorporates all fashionable elements into her wardrobe. Wedding sarees are now bold, gorgeously blended with an element of fun to make an outfit to flaunt for years together. Draped right and with the right accessories thrown in, your saree can be an outfit you always imagined it to be, after all a wedding outfit is preserved for posterity and you should make no stones unturned to turn it into an absolute gorgeous ensemble.

So, choose the saree of your dreams and make sure you pair it with the right blouse and accessories. It is the whole look that counts and not the saree only. Dress up for your dream wedding and create memories that you would love to revisit again and again


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