Top 10 places to visit in Turkey

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Beaches surround Turkey, and steep mountains with a natural landscape in history have served as a doorway between Asia and Europe for thousands of years. As a place of trade and cultural exchange, Turkey has become a very sundry country. The place where West meets East, the prosperity of culture and spread of impact has its symbol. It is disclosed in the country’s delicious terrain, too, in the countless devout memorial and archaeological sites.

 Istanbul has some prominent places in most travel plans; earlier it was the capital of Ottoman and Byzantine empires. But if you want to visit Turkey, you must see many beautiful places. When you come here, you must enjoy your precious time. The experience of staying in a boutique hotel inside the cave will be remembered for a lifetime. The experience of floating in a hot air balloon above the landscape of Cappadocia will also be everlasting. The incident took place in the sunrise in the luxury beach resorts of Aegean Sea. Look for Turkish airlines if you are planning to visit Turkey. Book well prior to your trip to avoid last moment trouble.

 Below are descriptions of some of the best places to go in Turkey.


The city was once the capital of the Ottoman and Byzantine Empires. Currently, Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey and one of the largest in the world. Istanbul extends across both sides of the Bosphorus, a small strait connecting Europe and Asia, making it the only city in the world crossing two continents. Magnificent architecture, significant sites, banquets, shopping, alien atmosphere, and nightlife all make Istanbul the world’s best tourist destination. It is an old city where many interesting historical sites can be found, such as the Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia, and Topkapi Palace.


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It is located in Central Anatolia of Turkey. Cappadocia is best known for its folk tale landscape of atypical formations, mushrooms, pinnacles, and chimneys. A natural process like volcanic emission has all cast this peculiar origin over the ages, some of which get up as much as 40 meters(130 feet). Humans have also added extraordinary touches to the terrain by sculpting out churches, houses, and underground cities. It was colonized as early as 1800 bc; Hittles and other inhabitants well-defined an underground tunnel, seeking protection from occupying Persians and Greeks. Now one of the world’s natural wonders and historical places has made this city famous. Also, this city offers hotels, restaurants, etc. Tourists who will come to this place surely visit the museums, fairy chimneys, underground tunnels, old greek villages, handicraft shops, and monasteries.


The complete traditional country town in Europe, Ephesus, is a prehistoric site situated in Aegean Turkey. In the 1st century bc, it was the largest city in the whole Roman empire. The temple of Artemis, one of the seven wonders in the world, is located here. Ephesus is unspoiled and accommodated within a sizeable palynological site, making it Turkey’s most favored tourist seduction. When the city was the capital of Roman Asia Minor, there were 250,000 permanent inhabitants. The world-famous St. Paul Church is located here, which encourages Christians and people of other religions. The destruction of Ephesus began when the Germans invaded in the third century.


It is located in the state of Mugla in the southern Aegean district of Turkey. Bodrum is the site of the earliest secured city, Halicarnassus, which was a one-time house to marble construction, statues, temples, Brick Street, and the Mausoleum, one of the seven wonders in the world. The tour of Bodrum will not end until you visit the fort of ST. Peter, also known as Bodrum fort. All the other places in this city are the Mausoleum amphitheater and Myndos gate captured by Alexander the Great. Also, must-visit places are historic windmills, mud baths, scuba diving plus boating, etc.


The largest port, Pamphylia, was captured by Alexandar in the 4th century, and now Side is famous for its magnificent beach. It is located on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey in the Antalya province, a small Peninsula. The Site offers to tourists’ fantastic nightlife, outdoor adventure, sightseeing. With narrow alleys and attractive gardens within the city, various restaurants and pizza shops are made here. In this town, the Manavgat River provides boating, water rafting, and majestic waterfalls.


The most popular seaside resort in Turkey is Marmaris. It is a picture-perfect place for travelers. The place is famous for its enchanting hills, a sea of white sand, blue waters, and historical architecture. This remarkable port is a paradise for tourists. Fun water sports, the marvelous dining, the impressive nightlife is also an attraction for travelers. The nightlife of Marmaris is one of the best scenes. The World’s best hundred fast food cuisines or restaurants are here.


Ankara is the capital city of Turkey. The town has all government offices, commercial buildings, universities, and foreign embassies. In addition, it is an important shipping hub. This is the top destination in Turkey. Not only for business, but Ankara also offers various historical sites and some culture and art. Fresh produce, spices, electronic gadgets; carpets are famous in the shopping malls there.


It is the oldest resolution. The city is remarkable for its cultural diversity. It is a city that can be crossed on foot. The great Mosque and its minarets here are very difficult to miss. This is an ideal place for photographers. There is an opportunity to take great photos here.


It is the oldest city in the world, and is known for its extraordinary Seljuk architecture. Konya is the largest city in central Anatolia province. The city was the capital during the Seljuk Empire. It also offers beautiful places like Alaeddin Hill, a Japanese park, lovely pagodas, ponds, waterfalls, etc. Also, Konya is an orthodox city.

 Therefore it would be helpful to know this description before going on a Turkey trip. Also, many more beautiful cities are developed here. So, make a plan to visit Turkey and check for flights heading towards this place in the coming vacations to explore this country to its fullest.





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