How to Layer Clothes for Travel

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If you are a light traveler, you need to know how to layer clothes. Layers serve various purposes for carry-on travelers. An extra layer of lightweight knits will provide additional warmth, especially if you are traveling in winter. With layers, you can easily deal with changing temperatures as you travel.

Similarly, layers give your travel outfit a more refined look besides expanding your outfit options when traveling. They add a splash of color, pattern, and texture to your otherwise neutral and bland travel wardrobe. Even when traveling in different climatic zones, layering clothes can help you pack light.

You can only pack lightweight knits when traveling if you follow the packing light principles. A light sweater or top alone cannot adequately keep you warm when traveling during cold weather. Nonetheless, layering the sweater/top with an extra thin knit will provide a little more warmth, thus making your travels more comfortable.

Going for an extra layer of sweater is better than packing one bulky sweater, which can only be useful when it is freezing. The two lightweight knits offer more versatility since you can wear them at different times, as well as combine them with other travel pieces. With them, you can deal with changing temperatures without straining.

Myths and Misconceptions About Layering

Many people are hesitant about trying out layering due to several myths and misconceptions. Often, people think that layering will make them look bulky. This can be true, especially if you choose heavy clothing.

When layering, it is advisable that you go for lightweight knits while avoiding chunky and thick materials. Contrary to what you may think, layering isn’t difficult. However, it can be tricky especially if you are trying out advanced fashion styling. Even so, it can still be as simple as adding a scarf over a sweater.

Layering Tips

Before you even get to understand how you can layer travel clothes, there are a few considerations and details that you must keep in mind. When layering, thin and, lightweight knits are essential. Attire Project shares that you should also watch out for the necklines of different clothes that you are layering to avoid those unsightly overlaps. Sleeves shouldn’t also overlap.

You also need to ensure that even if you remove a layer from your outfit, you will still maintain an elegant appearance. Similarly, there’s great significance in paying close attention to the weight and volume of your layers. The weather needs to be put into consideration when layering. Even so, your top layer must complement the bottom layer.

The Layering Process

The first thing to do when layering clothes for travel is to start with the base layer. This could be a lightweight t-shirt or tank top. You should choose base layers that are free of embellishments that make them appear bulky especially after you add a sweater. Structured base layers such as button downs will make the layered outfit look more dressed up.

After choosing a base layer that suits you best, you should add your mid-layer. However, a mid-layer may not be needed in all circumstances. It is most useful when traveling during the cold season. Your mid-layer can be a pullover or cardigan, which needs to be in a complementary color or pattern. It should also complement your base layer’s neckline.

Your top layer is what people will notice most about your outfit. During warm weather, the outer layer may not be necessary. When you choose to go for an outer layer, only use styles that easily and comfortably fit over the mid and top base layers that you selected. Neutral colors are easy to match with other layers, but you cannot make a fashion statement with them.

Consider using a jacket or coat as your preferred functional top layer. Similarly, consider blazers as well. Vests can also be in interesting to use as your top layer, especially if you want to experiment with different styles. If you intend to use a vest as your top layer, consider the puffy, tailored, or denim variety.

Layering isn’t complete if you do not accessorize your look. Arguably, the easiest way to accessorize is by using scarves or necklaces. Scarves will provide a pop of color and pattern to your neutral outfit. They are also functional in the sense that they help you stay warm. A lightweight scarf easily livens up your plain tank top.

On the other hand, necklaces not only complete your outfit but are also a good option during your warm-weather travels. A necklace will seamlessly take the place of a scarf. Accessorizing your layers with a necklace will go a long way in enabling you to make a fashion statement when traveling. Needless to say, layers are not always necessary, but they help you optimize your carry-on capsule when traveling.



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