How to Look Better in Photos

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Before Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook came, your unattractive photo was a secret shame that stayed locked away in the drawer. Now, such pictures can instantly be seen and circulated to friends, family, and the entire world, all thanks to social media platforms. However, you can make yourself picture-perfect within a short duration by following these expert tips on strategic posing, hair, and makeup.

Tips for Planned Photos

Conceal lightly. Using foundation will leave your face looking pasty and flat in photos. However, applying a concealer will not only give you a more natural effect but also help you hide your shadowy areas and imperfections. In case you are unsure where your facial shadows are, all you need to do is look at the mirror while your chin is tilted one or two inches down.

To deal with such areas, tap your concealer over them using your pinkie or little finger until the makeup you are using melts into the skin. Then, for your forehead, the center of your nose, chin, and cheeks apply a translucent matte powder using the puff press method.

Make your eyes pop. Ensure that your lash lines and brows are well-defined. Using a powder or a pencil (brown for dark hair or taupe for light hair), fill your eyebrows. Intensify your upper lash lines by applying eyeliner to the bases of the lashes. Then add mascara on both the lower and upper lashes to achieve the desired effect.

Give your face some color. To prevent your face from looking washed-out or pale in a photo, apply blush. Do so even for naturally dark skin. Lightly apply a warm peach, pink, coral, or rose to your cheeks.  Begin this process from under your irises as you work out to your face temples.

Highlight strategically. Since a camera’s flash has a receding visual effect on objects, which can cause your features to appear flat, you need to highlight your face’s planes using shimmer. This powder will make the light to bounce off your face in a manner that creates some depth. The three key points you need to target include the region above your Cupid’s bow, along the top part of your cheekbones, and below your eyebrow.

Don’t forget to lighten the lips. In this case, stay away from brown and taupe lipsticks, which look similar. Alternatively, go for a warm peach or pinky rose. A super-glossy finish for your lips can leave them looking waxy or drippy.

Work on your hair.  A softer, natural hairstyle is more appealing than a set one.  Also, keep your hair off your face by tucking it at the back of the ears. Doing so helps in making your cheekbones pop.  What’s more, avoid pulled-back hairstyles if you wear your hair up. Instead, opt for a loose bun or a low ponytail.

Tame flyaways. A flash or natural light can easily pick up flyaway hair, which can be distracting in a photograph. To deal with them, apply lightweight hair spray to your hair, specifically from the root to the ends, using your palms. You can go for a heavier substance such as pomade or wax if your hair is coarse or curly.

Tips for Spontaneous Photos

Remove any lipstick off your teeth. After you are done applying lipstick, use the finger trick to prevent any lipstick from reaching your teeth. Put a finger in your mouth and then pull it out.

Give your cheeks a pinch. This action gives you a temporary glow.

Tame frizz. Avoid redoing your hairdo. Use your time to deal with the tiny mass of tight hair curls. Do so by breathing into your hands and then rubbing them together to form some moisture before running them over your hair.

Tips for Posing

Display your “good” side.  Identify it by holding a piece of paper vertically, especially over one side of your face then switch to the other. The better side is the one with the most upturned features like the corners of your lips and eyes.

Chin control. When posing, make sure that your neck is elongated. Also, push both your chin and forehead a little bit forward.

Avoid saying cheese.  For a genuine smile, squint a bit with your lower lids while smiling. Furthermore, target your gaze to the top of the camera lens to make them appear bigger and brighter.

Angle your body. In case you are taking full-body photos, avoid facing the camera head-on. Go for the Oscar pose, turning your head nearly 30 degrees to your right and then turning your head towards your left side in the camera’s direction while facing towards your left shoulder.

Put your hands in action. In case you are standing, position the hand nearest to the camera on one of your hips in a bid to make your upper arm look defined. When sitting, clasp both hands in front to create a soft arc. Right before the snap, inhale then exhale for a more relaxed look.

Wear flattering clothes. If you’re not sure what to wear, consider layering. In this way, you can switch up your outfit if you decide at the last minute that a jacket might not flatter your shape in the photo.



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