Working With MPP, PSF, And MDI File Extensions

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Working With MPP, PSF, And MDI File Extensions

Some file extensions might be a bit confusing for average users. If you have received a very important file in MPP extension and you do not know how to open it, you should keep on reading this article which will explain you about MPP file extension and how to deal with such files.


How should you deal with MPP files?

You should know that MPP file is a special extension for such files as Microsoft Project. This is true, Microsoft Project is very popular, but it does not mean that we all have it installed on our computers. That is why some people send MPP files unintentionally because they tend to think that everyone has it. This is a so-called luxury and if you do not have access to it, you will need to find some commercial and free programs to open your MPP files. You can do this at wixiext. This is a great source of information about different types of file extensions to open any kind of files.


Working with PSF file extension

Now, let’s move to another file extension which is known as PSF file extension. It can be easily one of the different types of files. Every time when you want to open such PSF file, most probably you will need to deal with such files as PhotoShop Proof Setup or PhotoStudio Graphic. Make sure that you have all needed installations of these programs. PSF files may also come from MS Picture It! which is a very popular software for making interesting slideshows of your photos or pictures. The easiest way to get PSF file opened on your personal computer is to download and install the viewer program which is called “Picture It!”. As a good alternative, you can try to use Photoshop. If both of these ways do not seem to work, it is recommended to rename your PSF file to JPG and then try to open it once again. In most cases, changing the name of your file works perfectly and most of the people succeeded to open their files.


Working with MDI file extensions

MDI files are known as Microsoft Document Imaging. These files are created by the program called Microsoft Office Document Image Writer. You create such files every time when you start printing from MS Office. This is one of the best file formats for printing in electronic format. Such files are easy to send for further viewing. In some cases, Windows does not let you open such MDI files even if you have installed MS Office on your personal computer. This is a common issue if you have MS Office 2007. This MS Office version does not have MS Office Document Imaging by default.


Follow these steps in order to install MS Office Document Imaging:

  1. Start with going to Control Panel and press the link “Install a program” just under the section “Programs”.
  2. Press “Microsoft Office 2007”.
  3. Press “Change” on the top side of the window.
  4. Click on “Add or Remove Features”.
  5. Here you will need to expand “Office Tools”.
  6. You will see a drop-down list for the program “MS Office Document Imaging” and press here “Run all from My Computer”.
  7. Press “Continue” > “Close”.



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