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7 Vital Tips to Stay Fit and Healthy Before Your Wedding

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What could be more cheerful that hearing these four words from your beloved one? Of course, we are talking about a “Will you marry me?” phrase. Bursting into tears after your now-fiancé has popped up the question is a memorable moment in a life of every girl. However, when it’s time to prepare for the future ceremony, 99% of women face a struggle of becoming fit enough to look gorgeous on wedding photos. Below, you can find a few valuable tips before marriage, following which you will be able to lose weight, built some muscles, and look amazing without harming your health.

  1. Do not reward yourself with food

What differs overweight people from slim and healthy ones, is the fact that last category eats only when they are actually hungry. Skinny humans treat food as fuel to support their bodies, not as a reward for any accomplishment. There’s nothing wrong with enjoying what you eat, but do not let consuming of sweet/overly salty treats and junk food become a habit. If you are not hungry – do not eat then, and learn how to differentiate eating to fulfil your physical needs from eating due to boredom or, for example, due to anxiety, as well as any other reason.

  1. Do not starve yourself

If after having read the first tip you decided to skip lunch r (and?) dinner, you starve yourself to a state when you’re feeling weak and dizzy from hunger, you’ve got it all wrong. Wedding diet is all about the careful balance between healthy eating, drinking enough water, and limiting consumption of junk food Credited. Stick to three meals a day and implement one or two healthy bites between breakfast, lunch, and dinner. If you do feel hungry enough, skip the bites or substitute them with a glass of clear water or a cup of green tea. But never skip a full-value meal, as this would only slow down your digestion, resulting in more fat accumulation later.

  1. Do not be too strict to yourself

Getting married should be a pleasure, not a race for a good look at any price. Beautiful bride means healthy bride, who is walking down the aisle with a sincere smile on her face. Your desire to stay fit has to be based on self-love, not on a lack of self-esteem or hatred towards your body. If you were following a certain diet, but broke it and ate something forbidden, it does not mean all the effort is wasted now. Just keep moving towards the body of your dream instead of thinking how bad your food choice in the past.

  1. Do not be afraid of building some muscles

It is a common misconception that gained muscles might make a woman look masculine and unattractive. This is far away from being true since muscles are shaping our body, making it proportional and strong. A woman will not become huge or masculine due to working out or even consuming sports nutrition. The thing is girls have naturally low testosterone and cortisol levels (these are hormones needed for muscle growth). If you have ever seen masculine women, e.g., at bodybuilding competitions, and wondered how they managed to get such a look – the answer to your question is steroids and other injective medications that influence hormonal levels and drastically change not only appearance but also voice, hair growth, etc.

  1. Hire a personal trainer

If you have always considered a personal fitness trainer being a splurge you can totally live without, you should think again while planning a wedding. It is high time to start working out, and since you actually have limited period for improving your shape, professional help will drastically increase your chances for success. An athletic expert will teach you exercise techniques, track your progress, and motivate you to never skip a gym session. This tip is also valid when it comes to tasks unrelated to wedding. Naturally, you’ll have less time for house chores and studies if you are still a student. Why not hire a housekeeper to clean your house or reach for help of professional custom essay writers to complete your homework? After the ceremony is over, you can get back to doing these tasks yourself.

  1. Get your fiancé to join you

It is always easier, as well as more fun, to pursue a goal together. We bet it’s not only you who are worried about his look on your wedding day. Men are occupied with their appearance just as women are. By getting your groom to work out with you or cooking healthy food together, you will strengthen your relationship and improve your health.

  1. Do not underestimate body-care routine

In addition to attending gym and eating healthy, try to implement simple body-care procedures to get better results. We are talking about at-home facials, dry brushing, aromatherapy with essential oils, massage, etc. Planning a wedding might be stressful, so you have to reward with proper self-care. Massaging your body using a tool or a dry body brush will prevent cellulite and clogged pores, improve the skin tone, and relax your muscles.


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