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There has been a widespread conversation about Human Growth Hormones (HGH) since they were introduced in 1985. Are they bad for you? Are they healthy? What were the side effects of using them? Just like anything else, the answers to those questions varies by the user.

HGH is used for different reasons depending on who is using them, with the biggest difference being between adults and children. Today I will explore the different uses for HGH and the side effects of abusing them.

For children, HGH are used for poor growth reasons and short stature that is unexplainable. In adults, HGH can be used for a number of reasons from muscle-wasting diseases to tumor treatment. These uses are FDA approved and can be beneficial when used correctly.

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One of the biggest myths about the hormones are that if they are used along with anabolic steroids they can build muscle and improve athletic performance. This cannot be proved, it has not been tested and most importantly it is not FDA approved.

Anti-aging usage is a top reason why adults use HGH in hopes to slow down body deterioration and the aging process because with age, HGH levels decrease. While this has not been tested or proven it remains to be a top reason for consumer consumption.

Doctors have prescribed HGH in the form of pills, sprays and injections. When used correctly and for the right reasons the hormones will act as they are supposed to act and can benefit your overall health.

When abused the hormones can cause nerve, muscle or joint pain, numbness of skin, and high cholesterol levels. Always consult with your doctor before considering HGH and products like it.


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