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Boning Up: How To Make Food Work For Your Health.

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Growing older is a cause for concern for most of us, as we feel young at heart. Unfortunately, it’s apparent that most of the time our bodies disagree. We can feel and think like a 21-year-old, but when our bones and joints start to age, we certainly don’t feel it. One of the most important things to look after as we get older is our diet. That’s not to say that you or anyone else should go on a diet to be healthy. You can check out reviews of natural supplements and read as many AlgaeCal testimonials as you like, but until you harness your own health you won’t feel any different in yourself.

There’s something called mindful eating, which is especially important in ensuring you get as many natural vitamins inside you as possible via the food you eat. The food we eat affect our bodies in ways that are more than just cholesterol and fat and as we age and our bones begin to suffer, ailments such as arthritis and osteoporosis become common. There are foods out there that you can eat to help the symptoms of these ailments.

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Bone health is usually at the top of the list of things to worry about as we get older. After all, our skeletons keep us upright. Our knees, elbows and hips are all joints that are important in assisting our movements, but if we overuse these joints in the wrong ways or don’t stay within a healthy weight, they begin to fail. Exercising incorrectly puts strain and stress on the joints and can cause long-term damage to the muscles surrounding the bones. The more wear and tear on the muscles, the more the bone itself begins to wear down.

Without the right vitamins, minerals and foods, our bones and muscles cannot rebuild and stay strong. Bone density is important as with weak bones, we cannot continue on our usual daily activities. Walking becomes a strain and when you’re in pain, you don’t want to continue exercising. This then can lead to mental health issues like depression, which then leads to overeating and extra weight. It’s a vicious cycle, as then your inability to exercise means the excess weight stays on and puts even more strain on the body. You can see the importance of your food choices now, can’t you?

Every time you put food in your mouth, you’re making a conscious decision in your health. Choosing chocolate over avocados and poached eggs can make you feel wonderfully content for just a moment but when that moment passes, you get the calories and none of the fun. Filling up on healthy foods that are good for your bones make you healthier, which makes you feel good on the inside. By caring for your health, your mood is elevated and your happiness is affected in the best way possible.


Ultimately you have to make a daily decision to keep your body the temple that it is meant to be.


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