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Hybrid Bikes 101: Beginner’s Guide to Hybrid Biking

Biking is the new cool and as a result, everyone is looking for an opportunity to hop on their bike saddle and get on the road. Because many people love to ride on urban and suburban roads but will occasionally want to get on the unbeaten path, the search is on for a bike that can handle the two requirements. Instead of buying a city bike and a rough trail or mountain bike, many people are preferring to buy just one bike that can offer the two functions – The best hybrid bike.

When is a bike referred to as a hybrid?

A hybrid bike is a bicycle that has been made with the combined features of a mountain bike as well as a regular road bike. In many instances, it is also called a city or town bike. The good thing about this bike is that it takes the best aspects of regular and mountain bikes, combines them and delivers the very best of both worlds. For example, it can offer you the performance of the mountain bike, not to the extreme though and at the same time, you enjoy the comfort of the regular city bike. They usually contain a hybrid type bicycle tyre that is great for offroading and roads.

When a manufacturer builds this bike, he may use different features in different models depending on how he intends the bike to be used. Thus, when buying, you should let the seller know how you intend to use the bike.

Why you may need a hybrid bike?

Hybrid bike is the best of two worlds

When you ride in the city or in the neighborhood often, you want a city bike. However, when you love riding wherever you are, that is, in the city, in the wild or on the mountain trails, you want a bike made for extreme performance. Hybrid is the answer to your dreams because you do not have to buy two bikes. One hybrid bike is enough because it combines the best features to handle the two settings.

For Camping, Bike Packing And Hiking

When summer comes, it is time to have quality bike accessories and pack up some stuff and hit the trails or the campsites. One of our favorite accessories is a straw hat bike helmet.  Also, when camping, you need something to pass the time in the wilderness or in the mountains. Bring a long a hybrid bike and you can try tackling some of the trails to test its performance. You will be surprised at just how much this bike can give you. If you are an adrenaline junkie and love outdoor adventure, this bike is perfect for you.

Hybrid bikes are made with strong features such that many people argue that they are made for off road biking. The braking system is incredibly strong, and when you grip the brakes, the bike stops instantly.

Another feature is the double suspension that absorbs the shocks of the extreme trails, when you are riding over boulders and other obstacles. The wide tires give a better grip and above all, this bike is built with light but high quality material so that you can carry it easily in areas where it cannot roll.

A Hybrid Bike For Everyone

There are hybrid bikes for men, women and children. Many people ask whether it is important to buy a gender-specific bike and the answer is yes. Men have broader shoulders and therefore their hybrid bikes have larger handlebars.

Women’s hybrid bikes are made to go with the feminine torso, which is shorter, and the handlebars are narrower. These bikes are made to suit the physical properties of a feminine body.

Children’s hybrid bikes are also available. These come in smaller sizes, to suit the needs of differently sized children. Therefore, you can see it is quite possible to ride out as a hybrid bike family.

Buying The Right Hybrid Bike

Gender and price are not the only components to consider when buying a bike. One of the most important considerations is the size. Thankfully, hybrid bikes come in different sizes to suit different people.

If you are 6 feet 4 and taller, you should buy a hybrid bike that is 23 inches and bigger. This is also indicated as XL- extra large. If you are between 6 feet 2 inches and 6 feet 4 inches, buy a large bike or an extra large bike, usually between 21 and 23 inches. If you are between 5 feet 11 inches and 6 feet 2 inches high, buy a bike that is from 19 inches to 21 inches. If you are between 5 feet 7 inches and 5 feet 11 inches, you should go for a bike that is between 17 inches and 19 inches in size, and so on and so forth.

Don’t Ride Before Breaking Your Bike

Before you can do some serious riding on your bike, break it for about 30 days. Ride it around the neighborhood, see what needs to be adjusted and if everything is fine, just get used to each other. Mostly, adjustments include the brakes, some lubrication here and there. After the 30 days are over, you can have the bike tuned up to meet your needs perfectly.


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  • I’ve been looking for a bike for my son. It has been very confusing as there are so many types. This article was very helpful. Thanks for helping me to make sense of it all!


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