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Top 10 actions needed to avoid oral health issues

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Maintaining good oral and dental care is of utmost importance because our mouth is the window into the health of our body. WHO defines oral health as “free from mouth and facial pain, oral and throat cancer, oral infection and sores, periodontal (gum) disease, tooth decay, tooth loss, and other diseases and disorders that limit an individual’s capacity in biting, chewing, smiling, speaking, and psychosocial wellbeing.”

If a person lacks oral hygiene, such as daily brushing and flossing, bacteria can reach levels that might lead to oral infections and other issues like tooth decay and gum disease. There can be many factors resulting in oral health issues such as poor diet and hygiene, trauma, stress, smoking, alcohol use, and use of illegal substances.

Calcium supplements can be used to strengthen teeth. Becosule composition boosts calcium and vitamin B. Following pointers are listed to help you improve and maintain good oral and dental care:

1)      Brush before bed. Brushing your teeth before going to bed reduces the risk of plaque buildup, cavities and gum diseases. For added protection it is advised to brush twice, right after dinner and before going to bed.

2)      Use an electric toothbrush. The mechanical movement of an electric toothbrush provides much better results than a regular toothbrush. While investing in an electric toothbrush make sure u go for a easy to hold and use one.

3)      Floss, floss, floss. Only brushing your teeth is not enough. The food particles and plaque build up in between the teeth can only be removed if cleaned with floss while the debris is still soft. If left for too long the plaque becomes tarter, this needs professional help for removal.

4)      Use a mouthwash. Certain mouthwash contains special ingredients that help treat certain oral conditions. Also reduces bad breath and helps fight plaque.

5)      Good form to brush teeth. The root cause of most oral issues is not brushing the teeth properly. The best form to brush your teeth is to brush back and forth gently in short strokes. Brush the outer tooth surfaces first, then the inner tooth surfaces, followed by the chewing surfaces.

6)      Visit your dentist regularly. Be sure to schedule regular dental checkups and cleanings. Your dentist and hygienist will help you keep your teeth clean and your gums healthy over the long run. Remember, preventive care and maintenance are just as important for a healthy mouth as good daytime and nighttime oral hygiene.

7)      Use fluoride toothpaste. Toothpastes containing fluoride help prevent cavities in both children and adults. To help strengthen weak spots and exposed roots, and to help prevent the early stages of tooth decay, brush regularly with a fluoridated toothpaste.

8)      Replace your toothbrush. Replace your toothbrush at least every three months, sooner if the bristles begin to fray. 

9)      Limit high sugar snacks. Every time you eat, bits of food become lodged in and around your teeth. This food provides fuel for the bacteria in plaque. The bacteria produce acid. Each time you eat food containing sugars or starches (complex sugars), your teeth are exposed to these acids. This occurs more often if you eat snacks and the food stays on your teeth for a while. These repeated acid attacks can break down the enamel surface of your teeth, leading to a cavity.

10)  Be consistent. After chat with your doctor, come up with an easy to follow routine. Stick to this routine, don’t skip brushing your teeth twice daily, using floss and mouthwash. Check your toothbrush regularly for damaged bristles. Check your form and time period of brushing to ensure optimal oral health care.



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