The Ultimate 2020 Guide To Sinus Infection, Problems, Surgery and More

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Sinus can be a painful experience, hence it is best to know everything about it beforehand. Here you will find information about sinus infection, surgery, problems, and everything you should know about it. After reading this article, should you require further information, you can always contact a consultant ENT specialist  in Singapore to get a professional check-up done.

Update of current allergy season 

The main problem arises due to allergens before winter. These are the particles that trigger the allergic reaction, such as pollen, grain, and ragweed.

So, it can be assumed that many residents will be seeking medication for sinuses. is a public information website. Their specialty is healthcare and research.

Worst cities of allergies 2020

These are the worst cities of allergy in 2020 

  • Syracuse
  • Traverse city
  • Buffalo
  • Hartford
  • Alpena

Update of sinus treatment for acute sinusitis 

Around 70 percent of the sinus patients were treated with antibiotics, which is unnecessary and can form antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

These bacteria can kill 10 million people in the coming decade. It can also make a person vulnerable to other infections. The treatment recommended is OCT medicines, rest, and hydration. But the use of antibiotics is limited.

Sinus surgery update 2020 

After surgery, some patients suffer from post-operative pain. They are given opioids, which causes addiction and a crippling issue.

Hence, the pain pattern was studied to find an alternative to opioids.

It always started with 1 (no pain) then 10 (severe pain) following 4-7 (moderate pain) ending with 1-3 (mild pain) on the eighth day. Now patients are provided with ibuprofen and acetaminophen.

The most frequently asked question about sinuses 

What is sinuses?

Sinuses filter the breathing air and forming sounds. It also forms the skull cavity, which stops you from feeling the weight of the skull.

Are my sinuses to blame for snoring?

It could be, but there are other reasons for snoring as well. Sleep Apnea is the most common problem.

You should treat it fast or it could develop into a heart attack or stroke. We treat Sleep Apnea as well.

How do you know if this is a sinus infection?

Only the ENT doctor can carry out the right diagnosis and tell you the answer.

How can I treat sinus at home?

Follow the list;

  • Allergy and nasal sprays
  • sinus irrigations
  • Hydration and rest
  • Use decongestants
  • probiotics
  • pain relievers

Are sinus infections contagious? 

Sinus is not contagious, but the virus is. So, you may infect someone through coughing or sneezing.

Do I need sinus surgery? 

Sometimes a patient may need surgery. It depends on the patient’s condition.

How can I prevent sinus infections? 

Here are some things you can do;

  • Get a humidifier
  • Cold and allergies can develop into the sinus, treat them fast
  • Don’t share a smoke
  • It could be a structural problem.
  • Avoid contacts, if you have cold or infection

A common treatment for chronic sinus problem 

Sinuses are quite difficult to deal with. The patients feel disturbing and fail to concentrate. In some cases, the pain is compared with kidney patients.

To relieve the patient as much as possible, we have a comprehensive sinus centre. Note that sinus can be caused by viruses or bacteria.

Immunotherapy for allergies and sinus problems 

If you want to avoid medication all year, immunotherapy is a good option. In this case, we expose you to dilute allergens to prepare your body.

Sinus surgery as a treatment for sinus problems 

Surgery may be needed if the problem is caused by a structural issue. For example, a torn spectrum can cause swellings and fluid draining problems.

Functional endoscopic sinus surgery (FESS) 

It is used to treat chronic sinuses. Here the sinuses are opened to release the fluid.

How is FESS performed? 

An endoscope is used with a light and camera for the process. The surgeon can see your sinus cavity with a camera without incision.


It is the procedure to fix the septum which is the cartilage that divides the nose. Sometimes it is perforated or deviated, which causes sinus problems.

How is a septoplasty performed? 

In this process, the mucus lining is lifted to repair the septum. Sometimes parts are removed to solve the issue. It can be done, outpatient or inpatient.

Balloon Sinuplasty 

A balloon is used for benefits such as;

  • less blood loss
  • less pain
  • local anesthesia can be used nasal packing is not needed
  • Fast recovery

How is ballon Sinoplasty performed? 

A balloon is inserted in the passage, then inflated. The passage opens, then it is deflated and removed solving all the issues.

Effective Sinus Infection Treatment 

Along with sinus problems, we also provide plastic surgery and tumor removal service.



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