5 Sites in Scotland You Should Visit as An International Student

Studying abroad is a new exciting experience that allows you to learn a lot about new places and new things. Perhaps it got necessary to explore more if you are a tourism student because just imagine how awkward it seems if you don’t know the basics about the country where you are studying as your degree demands this.

Then I think as a tourism student It would be great if you learn about the country where you are living because it will ultimately broaden your knowledge and help you in your dissertation writing, also helps you to choose the right Tourism Dissertation Topics

So, if you are here in Scotland studying tourism and love exploring the country simultaneously then you need to visit the mentioned 5 Sites in Scotland.

Loch Lomond

If you are nature bounty and feel great then this is the perfect place to explore. This place is called the queen of Scottish lakes because it is enriched beauty, views, weather, and location. It’s the best outdoor spot for hikers, boaters, sports lovers, and nature admirers. It is located in Scotland west Dunbartonshire Stirling, Scotland.

Rosslyn chapels

It is considered a mysterious destination because of its magical appearance, and mysterious structures. This chapel was built in the 15th century with stone carvings. The chapel is located in Roslyn many myths are associated with this chapel many novelists, and Essays Writers led their inclusion based on these myths. You can visit the place at particular times and an entry ticket is also required. On weekdays you can visit the chapel from 9:30 AM to 6 PM and on weekends from 12 PM to 4:45 PM.

Ben Nevis

It’s the high-rise snowcapped mountain in the British Isles which is the best place for trackers and mountaineers. It is 1,345 meters above sea level.  

Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews

If you are a golf lover and love to play golf in a beautiful, cool location then you must visit the old course of the St Andrews Golf club. This royal and ancient golf club is the most prestigious place in Scotland because it is one of the oldest golf clubs in the world. It was established in 1843. It has seven golf courses and is also known as the home of golf because it’s the largest public golf complex in the whole of Europe.

If you want to visit the club you need to book a tour to go inside and walk around the course or you can go inside the course along with the golf member only. However, the golf club is open 24/7 but it would recommend you to pay a visit in the morning.

Highland Folk museum

If you want to experience and explore the rural beauty and culture of Scotland, then this Britain’s open-air museum is the best place to go where they give you a glimpse of old highland people’s culture. you can also explore the lifestyle of that time people and experience how they dressed, worked, and set homes. No entry fees are required, and timings are 10:30 AM to 5:30 PM.


I hope I have perfectly covered the best tourists spots for international students.



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