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How to Fortify Your Home to Save Money and Stay Safe

Your home acts as a fortress and the essential line of defense against those who may have intentions to harm you. Consider fortifying your home to protect against looters and burglars by installing a home security system and doors. Below is a list of things to add to your home to reinforce your lifestyle and protect your family.


Reinforce Your Doors

Fortify the entry points in your home as they are the most in need of home security. Inspect all exterior doors to ensure the hinges are protected and the door frames are solid. Consider upgrading your door locks as exposed hinges and older entries pose unnecessary risks to your home security. Upgrade to intelligent locks operated remotely, and use longer screws to reinforce the hinges, the jamb, and the strike plate. Install hinged doors and select the required raw material such as fiberglass, timber, and aluminum. The hinged doors market valuation was $24 billion in 2019.

Reinforce Windows

Windows are not typically designated points of entry but are weaker links to your home’s security as they can be broken easily. Installing metal security bars in your home is a great solution to fortify the windows. Various decorative designs and styles available on the market can complement your home’s overall aesthetics. Consider covering your windows with security film to prevent them from shattering due to impacts. Seal off the windows to prevent heat loss and gain, as unsealed windows are responsible for a 30% increase in cooling and heating energy use.

Add Security Cameras

Installing security cameras may seem obvious, but preventing and disincentivizing crime is crucial. Many burglars avoid breaking into a home with a visible security camera. If you are on a budget, consider installing dummy cameras around the windows to scare thieves away. Reinforce your windows and install security cameras facing them to minimize the possibility of a break-in.

Secure Your Garage Door

Secure your garage if there are valuable supplies and items housed inside. Whether the garage is empty or not, a closed garage door provides the necessary defense for your home. You can purchase various products to make the garage door impossible to open from the outside and fortify it. Such products include door stops, a locking kit, and fortification bars attached to the garage door.

Eliminate Hiding Places

Shrubs and trees give your house the required lifestyle curb appeal, but they can also act as hiding spots for burglars. Trim down plants and trees around your home that may be used for the cover, and opt for smaller bushes and flowers. Consider removing trees near the windows or reinforcing the windows with extra security.

Secure In-Window Air Conditioners

Homes with an in-window air conditioner must employ this approach to keep things in order. Unsecured window air conditioners make it easy for burglars to get inside your home. Install an air conditioner bracket with the help of a professional to make it harder to push and remove the device from its place. Install window locks on each side of the window to ensure the window sash cannot be slid from outside.

Keep Your Valuables Hidden

Many burglars identify prospective targets ahead of time to ensure they hit the right house to pick up the valuables. Avoid placing valuable items where an intruder can see them as they pass by. Avoid leaving bikes and expensive tools in the open; close the garage door; and avoid leaving purses, costly electronics, cash, jewelry, and other valuable items in front of open windows. Install window treatments, including blinds and curtains, to keep the spying eyes at bay.

Fortify Your Walls

Construct a wall made of brick or stone on the outside. If your house is made of brick or stone, you need not worry about the walls becoming weak points. If there are no such walls, you must devise a plan to ensure safety if the burglar decides to open fire on your house. A fortified wall protects your home from crosswinds which may exert up to raw material such as fiberglass, timber, and aluminum. The hinged doors market valuation was 3440 pounds of force, according to a study on commercial towing accidents performed by Knott Laboratory.

If you notice that burglars have accessed your home, you are advised to call 911 immediately to allow the police to do an investigation. Planning by keeping an updated inventory of various belongings enables the police to identify the recovered items to ensure a more straightforward claim.


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