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8 Things Models with Natural Hair Always Do

You’ll opine that taking care of natural hair can be a challenge. Many people are overwhelmed by the demands to ensure that the dry and delicate hair is well-maintained at all times. If you’re in such a situation, we implore you to try out these tricks before you give in! The tips have been tested and proven by models and you may need to replicate them for the best results.


1. They Shop with a Strategy

Avoid trying out any product that you find in the market! Instead, you should ask your stylist to advise you on the best products for your type of hair. Using different products on your hair could be harmful. When you select a brand that works best for your hair, you should stick to it religiously.

2. They Don’t Skip Stylist Appointments

You should develop a passion for your hair! If you love it, it will be difficult for you to overlook your appointments. Some people believe that natural hair should just grow without the intervention of a stylist. This is wrong!

While you can let your hair grow without styling, it will eventually overwhelm you. As a result, it’ll become untidy and it’ll defeat the purpose of keeping it natural. Regular trimming of the hair will ensure that you eliminate frayed ends and obtain healthier hair. If you have locks, it’s essential that they are regularly cleaned, retouched, and styled by a professional to achieve an elegant look.

3. They Take Interest in Their Hair’s Health

If you decide to keep your hair natural, you should be ready to learn new techniques to take care of it. You should realize that natural hair has two extremes; it can be elegant and admirable or it can be shaggy and repelling! The difference between these two states originates from the effort that the owner institute in styling the hair and maintaining its admirable state.

Most people opt to color-treat their natural hair which can cause severe scalp problems. Some people have developed bald spots, excessively dry scalps, and excessive shedding! If you are on natural hair, we recommend that you avoid the use of chemicals at all cost. If you had used these chemicals in your past hair styling techniques, you should be on the lookout for signs such as irritation, discomfort, and tightness. If you notice any of these signs, you should visit a professional immediately.

4. They Hydrate and Hydrate Again

Your hair should be moisturized to keep it healthy and shiny. Just like any other part of your body, the hair requires nutrients and water to be nourished. Whenever you undertake color-treating, it’s necessary that you use a mask. If you skip this crucial stage, your hair will be dehydrated, flaky, and hard. The coloring process will deprive the hair of moisture and strength. As such, you will require to follow up the exercise with a reliable hair mask. This is especially important in winter.

5. They Rinse Their Hair with Cold Water

Not many people will entertain the idea of taking a cold shower. But sometimes we sacrifice what we enjoy to achieve a different goal. Right?

Well, you may need to reduce the water temperature significantly if you need to have healthy natural hair. When you use excessively hot water, you destroy the conditioning elements which expose your hair making it hard. On the other hand, cold water will contact the elements making them stick more to the hair. As a result, the moisturizing elements will have a long-lasting effect.

6. They Change Their Hairstyle Frequently

If you need to keep your natural hair healthy, you should consider changing your hairstyle more frequently. Additionally, it’s advisable that you consult your stylist before picking any hairstyle. Some of the hairstyles pull your hair back in a tight fashion which can destroy the follicles around your hairline. Also, those styles that require constant combing, brushing, and tugging will lead to hair breakage which will consequently reduce its density.

7. They Treat Their Hair Post-Extensions

While taking out hair extensions may sound like a simple exercise, it may have serious effects on the integrity of your natural hair. The extensions may contain harmful chemicals that will dry your hair. As a result, your hair will be left dry and incredibly dull. To avoid this, you should ensure that you deep-condition your hair immediately after removing the extensions.

8. They Use Lots of Conditioner

This remains one of the most crucial exercises for ensuring that you maintain healthy natural hair. Your hair is just thirsty of this exercise. You should adopt a routine that offers regular shower-conditioning as well as deep-conditioning sessions.

This will rehydrate your hair and guarantee vibrancy. It is recommended that you first dampen your hair before applying the hair conditioner. When selecting the conditioner, ensure that you choose a fatty and acid-rich formula to guarantee unmatched nourishment.



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