4 Nursing Trends to Expect in 2019

The nursing industry remains one of the world’s most robust industries, and in the United States, the industry is one of the fastest growing. An aging world where people are living longer has led to a rise in demand for skilled nurses.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics forecasts that the industry will grow 15% between 2016 and 2026.

Statistically, this still doesn’t meet the demands on the population, leading to the first trend on our list.

1. Nursing Shortages Will Continue in 2019

Nurses will remain in high demand, and this rise in demand will not be offset by growth in the nursing industry. There are ample job openings, but there is a deep lack of qualified nurses and medical professionals to fill these roles.

Even as more people want to enter the industry, schools cannot keep up.

There are thousands of applicants that nursing schools are turning away. It’s not that the industry doesn’t need their talent or that the school doesn’t want to have higher enrollment rates – class size and teachers are lacking.

Until the class sizes are increased and more teachers are available, it will be hard to end the nursing shortage.

This is bad for patients who receive less personal attention, but it’s also good because nurses have ample overtime and higher wages due to the industry’s demand.

2. Fewer Nurses Will Retire

Nurses retiring will happen less in 2019, as more hospitals work to retain skilled nurses. The shortage will result in older nurses staying in their position, and they will be able to enjoy a high level of job security.

Nurses are also living longer, and they’re healthier, too.

We expect fewer nurses to retire. Instead, they’ll be pushing off their retirement in favor of higher wages and earning potential.

3. Men Will Continue to Enter the Industry

Men have been entering the nursing field in increasing numbers, but they’re still severely underrepresented. Just over 10% of nurses are men, and with less of a stigma against male nurses and high wages, we expect more men to enter the field in 2019.

Programs designed to encourage men to become nurses have been developed, too.

The industry has been working towards making men feel accepted, and even fashion has changed, allowing for unique men’s scrub tops and pants that fit better and allow for better comfort.

4. Nurses Will Start Looking for Jobs Across State Lines

Nurses are in such high demand that a lot of them have decided to look for jobs outside of their home states. The goal is simple: find the highest-paying job. And with compact licenses, this allows for nurses to work over state lines using their home state’s nursing licenses.

States have been added to the eNLC last year, allowing for traveling RNs.

Five states started to accept Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact qualifications in 2018, adding to a list of dozens of states that accept the licensing.

Travel nurses are able to pick where they want to work, enjoy higher pay and receive bonuses, too. As the industry’s demands continues to grow, we expect more nurses to pursue traveling nursing options.



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