Lay of the Land – How to Get the Most Out of Your Property

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Regardless of trends in the housing market, owning or renting a property is an expensive necessity for people all around the world. In addition to the price of the property, the cost of furniture, gas, electricity and water must be considered, which when put together form a looming sum for us to pay. With so much money being spent, it is important that you get the most out of your property. If you are renting a property, there is less wiggle room to make changes; therefore, you must alter your habits to fit the home. If you own your own home, or are planning on buying one soon, it is high time to consider how you will get the most out of your living space. Other than work, most of your time will be spent at home. This space should be tailored to you and enhance your at-home experience rather than act as a drain of money and resources. You work hard to maintain your properties, so it’s time to ensure that your properties work hard for you too. Here are a few ways with which you can get the most out of your property today!

Consult a Professional

Speaking to an architect before making any hard-hitting decisions regarding your home is a great way to avoid unfortunate results. A good architect has the capacity to see potential in an area. They can see what we cannot and can give advice as to what sort of structures will work in a space. It is a good idea to consult an architect if you are considering renovating your property, or if you want to build your own home. Regardless of if you are building from scratch, or a “knock down rebuild” situation, a professional architect can assess your needs, and create a plan as to how your property can meet those needs. Prior to consulting a professional, it is important to understand what is of value to you in regard to a property. Arriving prepared will save time, and allow a robust, focused plan to be drawn up.

Use Your Space

A great way to get the most out of your property is to use the space effectively. This includes adequate storing systems that will allow for more room to move around. It can also mean assessing where the unused space is and renovating it for a useful purpose. Extra space outside can be used for a pool, a granny flat, a lovely garden or even a workshop. The possibilities are endless! The price of the property is affected by a multitude of factors, with a large influence being the square footage of the land. With this in mind, a waste of space can be equated to a waste of money. If you are paying for the space, make sure to use it.


Your property is your own; so, take care to tailor it to your needs. If you have sourced some new space in your home, fill it with something that benefits you and brings you joy. If you are designing your own home, you may feel pressured to opt for “trendy” features that are popular in today’s housing market. If these features do not appeal to you, don’t opt for them. What works for the rest of Australia does not have to work for you. Some may love an outdoor entertainment area, while others would like an extra room instead. Some may want a large garden, while others prefer more garage space. Understand what is valuable to you, and don’t settle for what others may want. After all, you cannot expect to get the most out of a property that was designed for the “average Australian”. Instead, you will get the most out of a property that is tailored to you.

So, there we have it, three ways to get the most out of your property. While there have been some large changes listed above, you’d be surprised at how the smallest change can affect the overall experience of a property. Start by looking for space that is being used inefficiently and consider how you could use it for a more valuable purpose. Look around and assess what is important to you, and what features of your property make life easier. Test out some changes, and if needed, consult a professional. Good luck!





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