Recycling…reduce, reuse, recycle…do you do it!

I was compensated for this post, however all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.

Lately me and the kids have been doing our fair share of recycling. We have always recycled our cans and bottles but we have stepped it up a little more with recycling everything that is recyclable.

When it comes to saving the Earth’s environment it is important that we all take part in making our environment better. Even though my children practice this daily in school it is a must to implement it at home too.

So this year I have been searching to find the right plastic and glass bottles to make my homemade secret bbq sauce bottles for our summer picnics.


I have been looking for a set of plastic bottles I can use over and over again without throwing them out each year. We all know that will help with saving our environment even more..

Each year I do this, (make my own sauce) and everyone in the family loves it. They ask me each year the same question…..share my ingredients but I inform them that its a secret and no one knows but me. *smiling*

When I came across a site called I was so pleased to see all their selections of glass and plastic bottles. The best thing about is they not only have a nice selection of bottles, you can also purchase a case at a discounted price too..


I also like these  Salad Dressing Bottles, they are the perfect containers for both salad dressing or sauce .


or maybe I will get a few canning jars like these. FIDO WIRE BAIL SQUARE CANNING JARS - GLASS BOTTLESOh how we love to can peaches. Another good thing I found upon visiting were the….

…Fine-ribbed-white -closures, I swear I think my kids must throw our tops away every day. I have had to take aluminum foil to place on some of my plastic bottles or have had to throw them away because we could not find tops.


I know recycling is important and I hope you do your part as well in helping to save our environment!



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I was compensated for this post, however all opinions expressed in this post are 100% my own.





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