5 Best Places Around The World To Learn How To Surf

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There’s nothing in the world quite like surfing. In order to finally master a wave, it is important to be able to keep your balance – after all, you don’t want to end up with a mouth full of salt water! Luckily for you, there are numerous places around the world where you can learn to surf with ease with just your board and a wetsuit. From Morocco to New York, discover the five best places around the world to learn how to surf.

Taghzout, Morocco

A tiny town with great waves through the year, Taghzout is perfect for both seasoned boarders and those who are yet to stand on their board with just their own two feet. By booking your trip in advance, you will be collected from Agadir airport and receive dorm-style comfortable accommodation all at an affordable cost. With an opportunity to learn to surf in small groups, you can rest assured that doing so Taghzout in Morocco is an unforgettable experience. Surrounded by camels on the beach, learning how to surf has never sounded so appealing!

Bali, Indonesia

Otherwise known as the summer hotspot, it’s easy to understand why so many people flee to Bali in the summer months. In the tourist town of Kuta, you can find several bargain hostels and accommodation. With the opportunity to soak up the sun while living a laid-back beach life and even enjoy the lively club scene in just one place, Bali is a major hit with backpackers and those with a slightly higher budget. If you are a beginner surfer, you can have peace of mind that one of the local surf schools will be able to help. With just a few hours of tuition, you’ll be riding the waves in no time at all!

Hawaii, USA

Surfing is the Hawaiian way of life, and with so many board professionals around, you’d be crazy not to take advantage of the incredibly beautiful scenery and all Hawaii has to offer. A number of the islands have at least one spot to catch a great wave. Some of the best can be found at Oahu, home to Honolulu. If you are a beginner, Waikiki Beach is the best place to go. Here, you can embark on a number of surfing lessons to help you get to grips with the waves.

Montauk, New York

Yes – one of the best places around the world to learn how to surf is New York. Though it can be difficult to imagine riding the waves near the Statue of Liberty, if you head out to the Hamptons, you will find one of North America’s most iconic surfing spots. Montauk, a small fishing town located two hours away from the Big Apple, is perfect for surfing. For great waves, we suggest heading to Turtles Beach!

Byron Bay, Australia

Located in South-Eastern Australia, the beautiful coastal town of Byron Bay is exactly how you would imagine the beaches of the country to be. Complete with golden sands, blue skies and VW vans, Byron Bay is like a scene out of a movie. What’s more, the waves in Australia are ideal for beginners. With a range of surf schools available to choose from, you can rest assured that regardless of your previous surfing experience, you will feel at home in the water.



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