Scotland Travel: Highland Experiences Not To Miss

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From attending the Highland games to hunting Nessie, there are many things to do and see across the Highlands. Located in the north part of the United Kingdom, Highlands is a place of many wonders that are worth exploring. When you have decided to visit the Scottish Highlands, you can do so by taking up the tours to Scotland through a travel company, as this way you skip all the time-consuming arrangements and rest assure that you will get a high-quality experience. Otherwise, you can add Highlands to your travel bucket list together with the capital of Great Britain, a London to Edinburgh train boasts a frequent departure schedule and fast travel times, so you can easily check out renowned parts of Great Britain in one go.

Best Highland experiences to watch out for

When you are visiting the Scottish Highlands, it might seem a bit confusing for you as there are so many places to visit. To make your visit to this unique place a memorable one, there are some top-notch recommendations to check out. They are:

  1. The Isle of Skye: When you only have the time to visit just one part of the breath-taking Scottish Highlands, let that place be the Isle of Skye. It’s located on the west coast of the Highlands and stands out as the biggest island of the Inner Hebrides. If you want to experience an outstanding Highland experience this is the place for you. It’s filled with otherworldly things that you have never seen before anywhere around the world. Make sure to pay a visit to Fairy Pools, the Old Man of Storr, Quiraing, and Neist Point. 
  2. Learn more about Whiskey: The Highlands is well-known not just for its beautiful locations but also for its Scotch Whiskey. It is also known as one of the five whiskey regions of Scotland, where you get the chance to learn about the century-old tradition of whiskey production. You can also pay a visit to some of the well-known distilleries in the Highlands that makes some of the most premium-quality and world-class whiskey, which is exported across the globe. 
  3. Loch Ness: If you want a true Highland experience, you must pay a visit to the infamous Loch Ness. This is the largest loch in Scotland, which is well-known across the globe to be the home of a dinosaur-like and mythical monster named Nessie. The loch is 23-miles long and about 700-feet deep. Apart from the legends of Nessie, the entire loch delivers stunning and breath-taking scenery. You will also come across the forest-filled mountains, which are flanked on either side of the loch. 
  4. The Scottish Highland Beaches: When you made up your mind to take in the entire spectrum of the Highlands, do take some time out for the beaches. There are some beaches in Scotland. boasting white sands and clear water. It will make you feel as if you are in the Caribbeans. Apart from that, you will have many beaches on Highland that come with a dramatic landscape, rather than the mountainous coastline that is located in the Pacific Northwest. Some of the beaches you check out are Sango Bay in Durness, Achmelvich Beach in Lochinver, and Camusdarach Beach in Morar.

Plan a trip

When you love hiking, camping, and exploring new lands and places, the Scottish Highlands is the right place for you. The region has many places where you can truly connect with nature and discover some of its hidden gems, which makes the land unique.



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