Planning a No-Stress Wedding in Eight Steps

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 If you’ve just gotten engaged, you’re probably inundated by wedding planning horror stories from friends and family. Thankfully, if you take a deep breath and focus on the logistics, getting ready for your ceremony and party doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here’s your guide to a no-stress wedding in eight steps.

  1. Set a Date

When you’re planning a wedding in Oslo, your vendors will want to know when your wedding is before offering you an official quote. Choose a day that’s significant to you and your fiance, such as the day you met or the day of your first date. Keep your guests’ schedules in mind, too; if you choose a Tuesday in November, they may have a hard time taking off work. If you want to save money, consider having your wedding in January, February, or March. Most couples want to get married when it’s warm out, so you’re more likely to get a deal during these off months.

  1. Pick a Venue

Before you arrange any more details, you need to pick your wedding venue in Oslo. Decide whether you want to have your ceremony and reception in different places, and if they’re in the same location, make sure that your venue has a liquor license. 

  1. Choose Your Wedding Party

Before you purchase your wedding clothes, decide who you want in your wedding party. Siblings, cousins, and close friends are all good options for your wedding attendants, but make sure that they’re people you enjoy being around. Also, don’t be afraid to ask someone of the opposite sex to be in your party. For example, if you’re a bride but you’re very close to your older brother, invite him to stand at your side instead of with your spouse’s party.

Most people have around five bridesmaids or groomsmen on each side, for a total of 10 wedding party members. If you have a low budget or a small wedding, though, you may want fewer. Once you’ve finalized your number, send your invitees information about the date and venue. Don’t be afraid to be goofy or sentimental when you’re creating your invitations.

  1. Buy Your Wedding Clothes

Now that you know who’s going to be in your wedding party, you’re ready to go shopping for your fancy clothes. It’s best to start this process at least six months in advance in case your dress or suit needs to be altered. Decide whether your wedding party members are going to match or follow a color scheme, and think about whether you want to match with them. For example, if your bridesmaids are all wearing green dresses, you could wear a green bracelet or hair tie.

  1. Choose Your Food

Having good food at your reception is a must, and it’s even better if your food showcases you and your fiancé’s relationship. Ask the restaurant where you had your first date to cater the meal or choose your favorite takeout spot. If the environment is important to you, request a caterer who specializes in green and local cooking. Make sure to have a backup plan in case your caterer falls through at the last minute, and don’t forget about your wedding cake and other desserts.

  1. Think About Music

If your wedding ceremony involves a religious service, you may need to choose hymns for the ceremony. You also need music for entering and exiting the ceremony and dancing at the reception. Hire a live band or contract with a DJ to keep the tunes going all night long.

  1. Create a Registry

Even if you don’t need anything for your house, your guests are going to ask about your registry. Consider registering for items for a local charity or school or asking for donations to a cause that’s important to you.

  1. Invite Guests

Now that you’ve tackled the logistics, you’re ready to invite your guests. Keep your budget in mind as you decide who to ask, and send out save the date announcements and formal invitations well in advance of your big day.


Planning your wedding doesn’t have to be stressful. These eight steps help you create a beautiful and fun wedding without getting stuck on the details.


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