Things You Should Know Before Buying a Case for Your Samsung s20 Plus

For the longest time, people have stayed clear from buying a case for their phone. This is because there’s a preconceived idea that a case tarnishes the look of a phone at times and keeps the phone’s color scheme hidden. Although this is true in some instances, if you happen to drop a phone really hard such that you shatter its glass you will seriously reconsider buying a case together with your new phone.

Smartphones are very pricy and protecting your new purchase with a Samsung s20 plus case is always a good idea to guarantee better peace of mind. Samsung’s latest collection of phones the Galaxy S20, S20 Ultra, S20 Plus, all start selling from $1000 and go right up to $1400. If you happen to drop one of these beauties you will pay many dollars to have it repaired. So why take the risk, when buying a case can save you the trouble. 

In this article, we discuss a few things you should know before buying a case for your Samsung s20 to help you make the best choice. 

A screen protector can help to some level

Provided you invest in a huge, thick case that has engraved edges around the display, the screen of your smartphone will still likely shatter as it is still bare if you happen to drop it. The back of the s20 is made out of glass which makes it benefit from the support of a case. It will prevent your smartphone from getting any scratches, however if you want complete protection you must also get a screen protector.

Consider the price 

The truth is, finding a good price for a case on the manufacturer’s website or operator’s website is rare. Retail prices are usually discounted. So whenever you find a case you really like, compare prices and do comparison research. 

eBay and Amazon are usually the most affordable places to buy from, however, it would help you more to set up a search on a broader network. 

It’s also worth knowing that manufacturers provide a long-life warranty depending on the type of case you buy. This is only possible if you make your purchase from the manufacturer directly though, that said you may be incentivized to pay the complete retail price, if you’re not aware.

Select phone cases with the best features 

Take time and think about the additional features you may need and want in a case. When buying a tablet case for instance a horizontal stand can be very useful. Other cases provide many 360-degree hinges and positions. 

As far as phone cases are concerned, you will often get holders that open from the back, all you need to do is ensure that it stays secure because it can be irritating if the case opens without receiving any instruction from you. Just jot down what’s important to you and keep that list close by when you shop.


Once you have your options spread out, we recommend that you decide very carefully, because having a case for your phone is very important to ensure its longevity. The case you buy needs to be practical and for this reason, we recommend buying a set of covers for various occasions. 

Buying a thin case for your 9 to 5 job and a fancy case for an exotic getaway is just one example you can adopt to stay on trend while protecting your precious Samsung s20 plus smartphone.  



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