Getting the Best Personal Injury Settlement from Your Insurance Company

Insuring your car is nothing short of a requirement, but when filing a claim, receiving a proper settlement is rarely quick and easy. Winning a deserved settlement from your injury claim requires patience and knowledge, but above all, have an effective strategy in place. A personal injury lawyer notes the complainant must understand the personal injury statute of limitations for their state to ensure a favorable outcome regarding your claim.

How to Get a maximum Injury Settlement from Your Insurer

The claim process after a motor vehicle accident can take time and can demoralize the individual, especially when the victim is recovering from an injury. Insurance companies have devised ways to withhold financial gains that a victim deserves. Understanding these unjust tactics can prepare victims to navigate the difficult road ahead when and hopefully lead to a favorable outcome and maximum compensation. 

When you’re hurt and suffering after an accident, don’t let insurance companies take advantage of you. Read on to learn more about injury settlements and how you can hold an insurer accountable.

1. Get a Personal Injury Lawyer

When you’re hurt and suffering because of another driver’s negligence, a personal injury lawyer is an added advantage when you’re seeking financial compensation. They know how to correctly file a claim and will help you sort out the required documents. Through their knowledge of the case, personal injury lawyers can help protect your settlement from the tactics insurance companies use to reduce or deny your claim.

2. Have a Settlement Amount in Mind 

A personal injury lawyer has the knowledge and tools to accurately quantify the value of your claim. They will address all your losses and every way the accident negatively affected your life. Together, you will know the full extent of your losses and how much to pursue in your claim. Quick settlement offers from insurers are a fraction of what you’re truly owed. Insurers make these offers knowing what they really owe and hope you, without realizing it, take a quick settlement and leave money on the table.

3. Maintain Clear and Timely Communication

Be familiar with the fine print of your insurance policy and those of your insurance company. Work within the statute of limitations for submitting pertinent information related to the case. Filing outside the statute of limitation will forfeit your right to pursue compensation.

4. Use Emotional Scenarios Wisely

Facts may not be enough to get what you want. Enlist your attorney to submit documentation to demonstrate the extent of your losses, like property damage, lost wages, medical costs, and pain and suffering. Emphasis may not be enough. Support your claims with evidence and detailed documentation.

A photo of the extent of the crash on your car supported with the physical injuries you have may be compelling enough for you to win the compensation you deserve. Your lawyer may advise you to state how the physical injuries prevent your productivity and the life you once enjoyed.

Settling With an Insurer

A motor vehicle accident leads to victims suffering from physical, emotional, and financial losses. When the victim knows settlement laws on handling claims with insurance companies, the process can feel a bit smoother. Combining both due diligence and the input of your injury lawyer will help you navigate the claims process and contribute to winning a favorable outcome and maximum settlement.



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