Top Blogs to Find Inspiration for Research Paper Writing

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If you are reading this, you are in a search for inspiration for your research paper. Perhaps you have tried to find some articles online but stumbled across mainly with the unappealing and poorly made writing blogs. However, there are a few blogs definitely worth your attention. They are well-maintained, smartly designed and loaded with helpful content for every writer or student. So, how to find them? Today we are bringing you the list of very best writing blogs that are available on the web. They cover the topic of writing from all possible angles and do it very well. In case you need help with finding the right content for your research paper, or struggle with putting the found material on paper, welcome to the best online custom essay writing service like You will find there top college research papers for sale at affordable rates. They hire only professional writers with solid experience who are glad to employ their great writing skills for you.


  Goins Writer

Jeff Goins is a well-published author and a writing mentor with plenty of wonderful information to share with students and those who are interested in writing. You will surely pick up some great tweaks and tips from Jeff for composing your research paper. There are even some downloadable e-books on his blog that might come handy. The author discusses commercial writing, novel writing and how to publish your works. No wonder he is considered to be one of the most popular writing bloggers on the web. The articles feature story-like, honest style of writing, that any novice writer or student can empathize with.

  The Creative Penn

This Blog is run by a New York Times author Joanna Penn. She is a bestselling independent writer who dispenses great writing advice for all who are interested. She pulled off lots of non-fiction works and thrillers that have sold over half a million copies, and now she expresses her expertise in the blog posts at the Creative Penn. The author issues regular podcasts which are aimed at providing inspiration for writers striving to imitate Joanna’s big success. Be successful in your studies too, drop a short line saying “Write my essays online on” and enjoy the timely and qualified help.

  Terrible Minds

If you like a slightly dark humor, Chuck Wending’s blog might suit you well. This is one of the writers who doesn’t try to sugarcoat things. His writing style is recognizable and distinctive. He has gained his success as a screenwriter, novelist, and game designer, whose writing amuses and educates. If you are not offended by the blunt and crude language, you might find Terrible Minds to be one of the most entertaining writing blogs on the Internet.

  Write to Done

The chief editor of the blog, Mary Jaksch, creates and curates content that is targeted at giving novice writers a big bulk of practice. She has the opinion that every person can become a writer with a little bit of practice. Articles like “How to be Insanely Creative on Demand” will surely trigger your curiosity, and you will have much fun trying to incorporate handy tweaks and writing exercises that are stored there.

  Jane Friedman

Another blog stuffed with publishing experience, but this time from the inside of the industry: Jane Friedman possesses a high level of various writing expertise, among which is being a former publisher of Writer’s Digest. So you can say she knows a couple of valuable things about the industry. A fledgling writer or a student who has got a writing home assignment will consider her podcasts and posts to be super useful and instructive. 

  Daily Writing Tips

Daily Writing Tips is an effective and simple writing resource in the realm of the Internet. There is no complicated scheme here, it’s just a very useful writing website with a bunch of great daily tips for all who try to succeed in writing. According to the name of the blog you can expect to receive multiple advice on how to keep your writing style well-tuned.



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