Important things to consider when buying toys for your kids

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Whether your little one has a birthday coming up or you just want to spoil them, it’s pretty normal for us parents to head for the toy section. But if you’re anything like me, then you’ll find yourself almost overwhelmed by the huge amount of choice available in toy stores online and on the high street. While many online toy stores like wicked uncle provide the option for you to filter down their ranges, making it easier to find something appropriate, there are still other considerations to think about.

Here we’ll take a look at the important things to consider when buying toys for your kids.

Loose parts

Most toys have detachable parts – they help with developing cognitive abilities and hand-eye coordination and they also make playing much more fun. However, as a parent loose parts also mean choking hazards and even if the child is old enough to play with the toy, their younger sibling might not be. You should also consider if you’re likely to vacuum up the detachable parts when you do your weekly house clean.


On a scale of 1-10, how annoying is this toy likely to be? You might not mind it at the moment, but after a couple of hours, you may regret your choice. Whether it’s irritating catchphrases or sickly sweet songs, look for a toy that has volume control!

Does it encourage learning 

Toys that encourage learning give you peace of mind that they’re having fun and giving their brain a workout at the same time. The best kind of educational toys are the ones where your child doesn’t even realize that they’re learning!

Does it encourage movement?

It’s a fact that kids don’t move as much as they used to. So, if you’re going to treat them to something new, then try to find something that encourages movement. A skipping rope, football, scooter or even a video game that promotes dance or body movements is ideal. You’ll probably want to have a go yourself!

Will they get your money’s worth?

A toy that grows with your child and that can be used for years to come is certainly better than one that lasts a couple of months before being banished to the bottom of the toy box. Perhaps getting collectibles from Shogun Toys that will last longer and have monetary worth in the future would be the best purchase.

So, when you’re searching for their next gift try to find something that will bring at least a year of joy, rather than a couple of weeks.



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