Ways to Properly Secure Your Corporate Email

Your business email is a gold mine full of pertinent information about your brand. From business contracts to your client and customer personal information, you can get it all from your corporate email. You may not know it, but hackers can get into your email and leave you with a massive headache. This is why you should take the necessary steps to safeguard your corporate email at all costs.

With cyberattacks wreaking havoc in the business world, it only becomes a must that you look after your email before it is too late. But what can you do to protect your corporate email? Here are some steps worth considering:

Avail of Office 365 Protection

If you’re among the many businesses who have already migrated to Office 365, you’re making a smart move. With its automatic updates, easy-to-access documents, security fixes, and automatic backups, you can improve productivity in a cost-effective way. But it still has its flaws. It can pose an additional risk since one can access it just about anywhere. It offers no guarantee in case you lose your data. To ensure that your data is safe against security breaches and data loss, you can count on Office 365 email protection.

Train your employees about IT Security

Your employees are the major users of your company email. They use this for a number of tasks and to be effective at their jobs. However, they are also usually the first ones hackers use to compromise your business. Make sure to train them on how to use company emails properly. Emphasize that they must not use corporate emails for personal use. Establish rules and procedures to follow to avoid and manage threats. Don’t forget to make them use complicated passwords and create new ones regularly.

Filter content in your email

Some content in emails can either be inappropriate or unprofessional. It can taint your reputation and turn off potential clients and consumers. If you don’t take steps to scan the content in your email, you’re putting your business at risk. To maintain professionalism and safeguard your reputation, make sure to scan all incoming and outgoing emails.

Filter out spams

Even if you’re only using your corporate email for business, you can still receive malicious emails from bad guys. They send this in big batches, and opening these emails can compromise your business emails. To avoid this, you can use spam-filtering systems. This helps scan emails for words commonly used by spammers. You can protect your corporate email from viruses, compromised web links, and even phishing attacks with spam filters.

Embrace encryption

Encrypting your corporate email allows you to secure classified business information. It also helps you meet compliance standards in your niche. For instance, you work in the healthcare field, and you send emails on a daily basis that contain patient information. As part of your HIPAA compliance, it is a must that you encrypt your emails to protect their records.

Protecting your business email is always a must, no matter the type of business you may have. Failure to secure your emails can lead to costly consequences. It is important to understand that emails are not always secure. It is your responsibility to keep all of your business data safe.


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