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Fashion Tips for Stylish Women Who Want to Look Fit and Slim

It is well proven that a great outfit can work wonders and boost you with enough confidence so that you can be a success at whatever you want to do. Clothes have a profound impact on our emotions and mental wellbeing and we love the ones that give our personalities a boost. However, since there is no point in relying on just a few pieces of apparel to carry you through on all days, you need to know certain essential styling tips so that you can exude confidence and stay on top of the world. Some important pointers:

Get Your Bulges under Control with the Proper Shapewear 

The high-decibel advertising promising you a svelte body even though you have love handles may not seem credible, but it is quite true that if you buy shapewear of the right quality, they can help greatly in making you appear slim and fit. You can consider picking up a piece or two of shapewear from the large array of briefs, camisoles, boy shorts or even full-body pieces that are equipped with reinforced panels that slim your thighs, define your waist, boost your bottom, and pull in your stomach when you are wearing tight pants, clingy skirts, or evening gowns.

Be Conscious of the Effect of Fit and Length

It is very important to keep in mind the effect of hemlines and undesirable volume when you are on the heavier side. This means that you need to consciously stay away from stuff like Capri pants, long baggy shorts, pleated khakis, or calf-length skirts without any shape. It is better instead to choose dark jeans with a straight cut, preferably made of a material with some stretch that ends at your ankle or just below it. Dark colors like blue and black without any upper pleats generally work the best. Choose A-line or pencil skirts ending just above the knee if you like dresses. Black thigh highs can elongate the whole figure, making you look taller and skinnier.  On the other hand, if you’re into wearing graphic t-shirts, choose the size that’s perfect for your body type. Make sure to pick the shirt that will not look too baggy or too small for you. Getting the right fit is very important so if you want to look fashionably lean so go ahead a locate a tailor who will alter your clothes to make sure that the seams of tops sit exactly on your shoulders and the length of the sleeves are just right.

Get a Bra That Fits Properly 

Considering how important breasts are for defining your figure, it is strange that over 80% of women wear bras that are not the right size and look larger due to sagging breasts. You must get yourself a bra that fits properly and gives you the right support so that you end up looking leaner. The best way is to get yourself measured by professionals at a lingerie shop or you can get the bra size calculator at .

Go for Shoes with a Low-Cut Vamp

An easy method of looking slender that most people do not know of is to buy shoes that have a low-cut vamp. Shoes with a low vamp, especially if they match the tone of your skin can make your legs look slender especially when you are wearing skirts, dresses, shorts, or even cropped pants. Also, consider wearing heels of more than two and a half inches as it has the effect of lifting your body, which in turn allows clothes to fall better and lend a slimmer look. The best is a pair of pumps with thin heels and pointed toes, however, you need to make sure, that you can walk comfortably in them, or else your discomfort will be obvious.

Try Out the Monochrome Look 

Among the oldest tricks in the book for an illusion of slimness is the use of a single color that helps to create a long and vertical line. Wearing an ensemble that is black from head to toe in undoubtedly the most effective, however, you can try the same thing with other dark shades such as grey, brown, green, navy blue, etc. the trick to effective monochrome dressing is to stay away from the lighter colors and keep the silhouette tailored for perfect fit and crispness.

Use a Maxi-Skirt to Accentuate Your Length 

If you have been told that a floor-grazing skirt is not for curvy people, then you need to know that the common fashion myth is false. On the contrary, if you are on the heavy side, a long skirt that is cut well can lend you the appearance of being leaner and longer. The maximum impact is created if you choose solid styles that cover the entire length of your body to create a long and vertical silhouette. Therefore, you should avoid anything that is pleated or has bulky pockets, too many layers, or thick waistbands. Make sure the top is dark-colored, fits you well and you tuck it in so that excess fabric does not draw attention. The hemline of the skirt can be as long as you want without the hazard of tripping. Adding a pair of high heels can add to your height and complement the slim look.

High-Rise Jeans Can Help You to Look Slender

Generally, fashion has not favored bottom featuring high waists, however, when worn correctly, pants with high waists like jean can create the needed illusion of a leaner lower body. The best item to choose is a pair of slim-cut jeans with a moderate high-rise waist and a length that ends at the ankle. The trick is to ensure that the high-rise waist of the jeans is visible so you need to pair it with a tee, a cropped top, or a tailored blouse. For the best effect, you should select a high-rise garment with a zipper fly that ends just above the belly button and not pants that have an elastic waistband or button. According to, pantsuits work the best when they are kept simple.


Apart from the techniques discussed above, there are old favorites like wearing clothes with vertical stripes that work incredibly well, but the trick is to wear the verticals on apparel that fit well to help to highlight a slim silhouette. You can use also brighter colors for the parts you want to highlight that will have the effect of drawing away attention from the problem areas.



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