Tips for Staying on Your Feet All Day Without Falling Apart

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People who have to be on their feet all day know how hard that can be after a while. Sluggishness and aches can hit you at any time, making it harder to finish up your day, but the following tips should help.

The Shoes

Perhaps one of the most important things to consider is your footwear. Women are notorious for wearing shoes that don’t help much, like heels. Now, this is not to say that men always wear comfortable shoes.

It is imperative that you find comfortable shoes for women to wear or comfortable shoes for men. Doing so ensures you are able to stay on your feet all day without feeling too tired and without your back hurting because of the unnatural posture due to uncomfortable shoes.

Good Sleep

Another thing you need to make sure you stay on top of is your sleep. If you sleep too little or not soundly, your body can feel it the next morning. A good night’s sleep gives your body time to repair itself, which means you’ll be ready to take on the physical stress of the next morning a little more effectively.

Those who do not sleep well or sleep too little will have a harder time staying as active as you might have under other circumstances. If there is any light coming from outside when you are trying to sleep, black out your windows with thick curtains. Make sure your temperature is relatively cool, and turn off all devices before going to sleep.

Energy Snacks

It’s important to have energetic foods throughout the day and not the type of food most people snack on, which actually sucks up your energy. People snack on chips and other junk food throughout the day that contains processed sugars and a lot of carbs.

These ingredients spike your sugar level and may make you feel energized for a moment but only lasts for a short period of time before you crash. What you need to eat are foods that help you stay active all day, like nuts or protein bars made from nutrient-dense meats, such as organ meats. You want to avoid heavily processed food if you want to avoid those crashes.

The Nap

Some people think a nap is only for babies, but the reality is that naps are pretty natural for human beings. Go ahead and schedule yourself a little nap at some point during the day; just make sure you put an alarm on so that you don’t oversleep. That little nap is going to do wonders for your body and energy levels.

One thing that is interesting is that some companies are introducing nap time for employees. Employers are starting to see how important it is to have energetic employees and how effective a little nap could be. Those who are self-employed can choose when to nap, but those who work may have to do it whenever they take a lunch break.

The Music

Music is an effective tool to help keep you energetic throughout the day. What you want to do is create a playlist of music that you find exciting to hear. Play your music throughout the day, but make sure the music is not too distracting.

Sometimes, music has a lot of lyrics, and that could be a little distracting if you need to perform work that requires your full attention, so consider using songs that don’t have many lyrics, or maybe you can play the instrumental version of the songs you like.


These are a few ways you can stay active all day without crashing or feeling too tired to continue.


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