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Benefits Of The Best Sturdy Platform Bed

Buying the best bed is going to be an investment in your comfort and overall well-being. Ensuring a good night of sleep will help to reduce the risk of serious health conditions such as heart disease. The challenge is in finding a bed frame that will provide a foundation for satisfying sleep. In many instances, the solution is a platform bed.

Platform Beds As Compared To Other Bed Frames

Traditional beds differ from platforms in that the latter offers a durable base to serve as a stable surface for the mattress instead of a box spring. With all other standard bed frames, a box spring is a requirement. Elimination of this layer can either construe as a perk with the bed or a downside. With the mattress lying flat on the surface, the bed typically sits much lower than that of the style with the box spring included. See here for reviews of popular designs on the market.

There are a variety of forms with this design, including the plain metal support that offers a simple style by merely adding the mattress and bedding. With this particular version, you can modify it with customized pieces to make it anything you want. Design and create a headboard or footboard to your liking or purchase ready-made pieces to fit your aesthetic.

The other type comes with the footboard, headboard and the side rails with slats of material in either wood or metal to support the mattress for the complete piece.

Advantages and Disadvantages For The Platform Bed

The platform bed is one frame that has withstood the test of time and has gone through many transformations over that period, yet it’s not necessarily a good fit for everyone. The concept of a raised sleeping space began when people realized they needed protection from the elements as well as smaller animals with the first models using materials such as bone, wood, and rope to support the sleeping mats. From there, it progressed to where it is today. Some people find them very appealing and some who are wholly opposed. Let’s look at a few of the pros and cons. Go to  https://www.elledecor.com/design-decorate/a25240357/what-is-platform-bed/ to find out interesting facts on the design.

Pro: The fact that there is no need for a box spring with this style of bedding means it is much more cost-effective than most varieties. The sturdy surface is sufficient to support the mattress with no need for an extra mattress to provide additional comfort or more base. Those who are budget-conscious will find this to be an ideal option for their sleeping needs.

Con: This version of frame is much lower to the ground than any other variety of bedding. Some people find that to be a definite downside, particularly those who have any type of physical challenges. It makes it difficult to get up or down to that level. If you have a hard time bending down, a traditional option would be better suited for you.

Pro: Sleep is imperative to good health. The bottom of this frame is an incredibly flat, sturdy, firm structure offering a stable surface for the mattress. It ensures that you will have a steady place to receive a comfortable, good night of sleep. The suggestion is that memory foam is useful in this particular style. The platform has the capability of handling this type of mattress noted to promote comfort with its firmness. Check these are benefits to platforms vs using a box spring.

Con: If there is ever a need to move the bed to a different location within the room or if you move to a new home, it will prove to be a challenge with this style of frame. The sturdy, stable massive size is tough to pick up and shift positions or transfer to another location, particularly if you have steps to maneuver or an unusually narrow passageway. There is no bend or give with the solid structure making it a difficult option if you tend to relocate.

Pro: These beds are available in a multitude of different design styles, from the minimalist approach to the very bold being a compliment to any type of aesthetic.

Con: With traditional frames, there is additional space underneath that you can use for storage. That is not the case with this style because they’re too low to the ground. Manufacturers are aware of this issue and have been resolving it with designs that incorporate storage systems into the base of the platforms. The style has gone through many transformations throughout its vast history and will likely go through many more on its journey into the future.

Pro: Storage has a place as one of the cons with none found underneath the frame, but some varieties have storage built into the base. That is a significant pro, particularly with rooms that have limited closet space or overall square footage. These eliminate the need for extra furniture in the way of dressers or wardrobes to house clothing because you can incorporate your excess items into the built-ins.
When platform beds came into existence can’t be necessarily pinpointed down to a specific period. Still, there is note of locations for some of the earliest styles in Egyptian burial tombs. Egyptians were said to have developed frameworks of glued together wood versions. Today there are a wide variety of different materials used in making these frames with the most traditional and aesthetically pleasing still being the wood version. There is also metal, bamboo, and leather.

For many people, the appeal is in the simple subtlety of the design, along with the popular contemporary style. In today’s world, a minimal approach seems to be the way that people approach everything, including design, and this type of frame certainly can fall into that category. However, it offers the potential to be as traditional as some may opt to go. The versatility speaks to why this piece has gone through history with such acceptance.


If you’re one who likes to change up the aesthetic in your home periodically, the platform would be the best option in bedding.



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