Heating Maintenance Checkup, schedule yours today!

Heating breakdowns can occur when you least expect it and at the worse time. Ask me I know, last year it happen to us right in the middle of winter and on one of the coldest days recorded.

Oh my goodness it was so cold and the worst part was trying to find a company that would come out to service our home. Its so important to add heating maintenance to your checklist so you too won’t have to experience losing heat during the wintery season.

Its no fun that’s for sure!! We are gearing up to have our heating checked once again this year before winter hits just to make sure our heating system is at full peak  performance. I just don’t wait anything like that to occur again especially since we have kids.

When we find that right company to come out to check our system I want him or her to do a complete service check, clearing all areas, gas connections, burner combustion plus heating exchanger. I want to make sure all is clear because if equipment is not working properly that means its less safe and efficient.

I remind my husband every so often to replace our air filters also. I know so many Contractors get very busy throughout the summer and fall season so its best to schedule a pre-season check up early. This way you will know for sure all is well for the coming season.

One company I found  helpful was  “American Comfort‘s One Hour. This company out of Chicago strives to meet each customers needs through excellent HVAC services.

American Comforts One Hour company will have your heating system performing the way it should. Their Contractors are trustworthy, licensed, professional and competent. You won’t have to wait hours and hours for service, you can call American Comfort‘s One Hour company to get your heating or cooling system up and performing.

So don’t wait til your heating or cooling system fails, contact them today to get your maintenance checkup before the wintery season hits.



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