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Interior Design Professionals: What They Don’t Want You To Know

If you are thinking about redecorating, you may be thinking about hiring a professional. Let’s face it – it makes a lot of sense. Professionals are, well they are professionals that have years of skill and experience in the trade. With them by your side, everything that you want to happen will happen in extra quick time. Plus, you know it will be a high standard if you pick properly.

But, there are some things you don’t know when it comes to interior design specialists that you should be aware of beforehand. If you are not, you could find yourself in a tricky situation.

 They Need Contacts

 Every pro in the business wants you to think that they do it all alone, when, in fact, they rely on their sources. They don’t like you to know this because they can charge extra for their services when they are cutting the costs thanks to their links. Plus, they also don’t want you questioning their methods. However, if you are hiring their services, you are also hiring the services of their contacts. For that reason, you want to speak to those people as well as the figurehead of the outfit. For example, a bathroom agency may use TileMarkets to source their materials. So, you want to check out their website.

You Should Discuss The Budget First

 Everyone that doesn’t discuss their budget before choosing the interior design styles leaves themselves open to extra costs. Why? They leave themselves open to extra costs because the pros have the license to spend as much as they see fit. After all, you haven’t given them any directions, so there is no point in holding back. To avoid this scenario, you should always tell them what you are looking to spend beforehand. That way, they have to keep to a certain number throughout the process.

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 You Should Discuss Your Preferences

 When you are specific about what you want, it makes their job harder as they have to hit a brief. Obviously, they would prefer to have a blank check and do as they please then they could do the job as quickly and cheaply as possible. But, you are the customer, and you are in charge. As a result, you want to tell them what you expect when the job is over. If you want tiles and a wet room, they will have to deliver both. Don’t spend all that money and end up with a house that isn’t perfect.

 Less Doesn’t Mean More

 Yes, there will be lots of companies and outfits that are cheaper than the one that you prefer. Still, that doesn’t mean that they are the best choice. With regards to interior design, less is not more because the money doesn’t make up for everything else they lack. A cheaper firm, for example, may have less experience. On the whole, a lack of experience means they lack the contacts to get the job done. Plus, it may also mean they lack the skill because they could just be starting out in the industry.

 It Is Okay To Say No

 Remember that they are not in charge – you are in charge. You are their client, which means they need to do everything to keep you happy. If you have a disagreement, they should try their hardest to bend to your way of thinking. Of course, they will never say as much as that makes their job harder than it needs to be in many respects. So, it is up to you to be strong and stand firm when they don’t provide you with everything that they promised. In fact, ‘no’ is a word that should always be on the tip of your tongue when you are dealing with professionals. If it isn’t, your dream home could go up in flames.

 It’s Not All Or Nothing

 Just because you hire them to start a project doesn’t mean you have to hire them until the very end. If you don’t like their work, you can pay them for their time and move onto another one. You do have to make sure that there isn’t a stipulation in the contract, however, as you may be legally obliged in that case.

 You Do Need A Contract

 Talking of contracts, make sure you insist on one before any work starts. Without a contract, you are vulnerable as there is no proof to say you agreed on a set of terms. Although it sounds complex, it is well worth the effort.



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  • I have not worked with a interior designer but you have some great tips to follow if I ever do.

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