Simple guitar playing tips for becoming a good guitarist

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Music concerts, music festivals, and music group meetups are so frequent in Huntington that you can easily assume how much people appreciate this art form. And hence, it is natural for you too to have developed a liking for it. But what do you want to do with that feeling for music? Do you want to learn it or listen to it and enjoy it? Like many others in the town, you can make it a part of your life quickly by picking a guitar. It is comparatively easy to play, faster to master, and, most importantly, perfect for spending a weekend with friends and family while strumming some cool tunes.

Achieving all this can be possible if you focus on your techniques from the beginning. For inspiration, you can observe any famous guitarists in your town Huntington or other renowned ones on the television. One common trait that you are most likely to spot among them is their technique. They use all the standard rules of playing the guitar properly to do well in their music. For instance, you can check John Petrucci of Dream Theater band from Long Island only.

John Petrucci plays solos and chords with speed and so much ease that you get entirely lost in his performance. How did he attain this? He could implement it because he made the right use of his fingers and hands at the right place at the right time. You can also excel if you commit yourself to the proper techniques. Here are some tips in this regard that can come in handy for you in this journey.

The right grip

When you play it for the first time, you will realize that pressing down the strings with fingertips on the fretboard is not so easy. It can cause pain in your fingers and wrist. Like some others, you can try to grab the top of the fretboard with your thumb for support. But it can stop you from applying pressure with the tips, and you may end up using your flat pad of the finger for this purpose.  The practice of holding the fretboard with a thumb hooked over it is known as death grip because you form a tight grip around the neck of the guitar due to which your finger movements get restricted.

The correct way is, you should grab its neck with your thumb from behind so that you can apply your fingertips better and play any notes without muting the nearby strings all of a sudden. It can feel difficult initially. But don’t give up. Once you become comfortable with this grip, your wrist will also not hurt. So, make sure your thumb rests on the back of the fretboard.

The body positions

If you have been to any live shows in Huntington, you must have seen how all guitarists play their instruments standing up. It is not an easy job. Someday you will also have to do like them before your audience. Handling guitar hanging across from your shoulder and playing with it while sitting down is exceptionally different. When you are sitting in a chair, you can track the movements of your hands. However, the situation changes when you do it standing up. You will not be able to notice your left hand. So, make yourself familiar with both the positions. When you practice it, switch between the two styles, and more preferably to the standing up posture. For the latter one, you need to have a sturdy strap with a proper length that doesn’t let it touch your knee. Otherwise, it can feel uncomfortable.

The fingers

Some chords and scales are easy to achieve when you use the correct fingers on the fretboard. Hence, practicing correctly with all four digits is vital. Ideally, for that, you need to ensure that your index finger is in alignment with the first fret, and the second finger holds the second fret. Similarly, the third fret should have your third finger on it, and the fourth fret your fourth finger. When you practice, play one fret and one finger at a time.

The chords

Some artists don’t try all the chords because of the difficulty. But don’t let this be a mental barrier for you if you want to exceed. Attempt playing all of them to dish out a piece of fantastic music whenever someone wants or even when you desire to test your skills. In guitar, the different types of chords include minor, major, seventh, sixth, triad, suspended, diminished, split, and so on. Get yourself used to with them to shine your talent.

The right hand 

Practice with your right hand more to make rhythmic music.  Use your left hand to mute the strings and play an easy chord with your right-hand fingers. It is necessary because most of the time, guitar players focus so much on their left-hand technique that they don’t pay attention to their right hand. As a result, it doesn’t become strong. And for mastering the art of playing guitar, you need to be good with both sides.

The discipline part

Regular training and practice can give you an edge over others. Even if you follow a busy schedule, try to take out five to ten minutes at least. The more you apply your techniques from your memory, the more your fingers will run smoothly regardless of the tricky tunes that you attempt. So, schedule a time every day and play your guitar. Your fingers will become habituated.

Self-studying through app or videos is an option. But if you want to progress with discipline and under the guidance of an expert tutor, then search for “guitar lessons near me in Huntington”. Many schools offer guitar classes for aspiring students at a convenient time. They can familiarize you with the proper techniques and remove any doubts that you may have about a particular thing. Plus, you can also seek their help in identifying your style, such as rock, blues, classical, and so on.


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