How to Write an Essay: 15 Tips from Professionals

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An essay is a prose text of a free composition and small word count. The author is supposed to express personal impressions and thoughts on a certain topic. No essay writing task demands students perform complete scientific analysis or state the definition of the subject in its absolute form.

Writing such assignments has something in common with a certain kind of literature activities. The very best essay writing tip touches the genre in general. High school, college, and university students should concentrate on the content of their text and such aspects as simplicity, imagery, and attractiveness.

Steps to Writing an Essay: Correct Structure

The availability of a particular “ringed” structure and standard parts (introduction and conclusion, theses and their argumentation) makes the process of writing a lot simpler. Experts from have immense experience in this kind of written assignments and recommend students dividing texts into parts. Additionally, there are 15 simple essay writing tips for every student to follow.

How to Write an Essay Fast: Pro Recommendations

Know the Topic

To start writing effectively and with quality, you need to know the topic well, including rare moments and features of the discussed field. In-depth knowledge allows revealing questions without borrowing someone else’s arguments and plagiarizing other authors. Today, not only books or other printed periodicals can become information sources, but different electronic databases are here for students to use them. All researches conducted will become an excellent basis for correct and interesting topic discussions and descriptions.

Do a Review

If you researched the topic well enough, and the data was broad and accurate, then you can start analyzing available pieces of evidence. In this text, students should state theses precisely and fix their arguments and ideas that are going to be presented in your writing. To make the process productive, you can base on essay writing samples of other writers where both strong and weak sides of their texts are apparent. Looking through the writings of other authors, you’ll feel it much easier to find your best essay writing style.

Think on It

To ground your work with rational thoughts, you should come up with some local questions and answer them in details. The best way is to do that in written form.

State Your Thoughts Clearly

Before you start writing, you need to find the leading and original thesis statement and then make an accent on it. This thesis is what you will have to develop while forming the main idea. It will help the reader understand the motives of the author choosing a certain topic and revealing it.

Work with a Draft

In starting draft outlines, you should state general features. Shape them into short sentences and express the central thought of every text part like that. Consider marked lists as helpful sources for references.


How to write an introduction paragraph for an essay? An essay introduction should be noticeable and attractive. This beginning part of the text exists to encourage the reader to go on reading.

Correct Structure

When having the central thesis, you should circle up the structure of your paragraphs. Each part on the main body is recommended to start it from the critical sentence where you mention the point. Then, state your thoughts and prove your viewpoints, and persuade readers with the help of reasonable arguments.

The form is simple: it can be described as a wish to talk to every reader directly.


How to write a conclusion for an essay: the summary should contain a clear, accurate and reasonable answer that reveals the point of all thoughts the author tried to tell the reader.

Editing and Proofreading

Editing is the process of proofreading and correct statement of references presented as thoughts, ideas or phrases. Their right shape will guarantee the author is staying out of plagiarism issues.


When finalizing your writing, there is the need to pay attention to inconveniences and mistakes of grammar, syntax and lexical nature. Experts recommend students reading their text several times and shape it as a finalized, complete work of literary arts.


Among the most critical elements specifying the genre, experts underline titles. The title can be independent of the topic here. You should understand that the heading can be presented as an impressive beginning of the following discussion. For instance, it is possible to reflect a particular part of the main body in the title while intriguing the reader before revealing the upcoming narrative.

Important Note

It is critical for an essay to carry the brightly expressed author’s position and individual style. You can order samples from cheap essay writers to see correct examples.

Think Uncommonly

To write in an interesting and inspiring manner, we recommend thinking over unexpected conclusions and text development, as well as using particular forms and expressions. Be careful to avoid confusing special lexicon and senseless overloaded language.

Keep Formal Demands

This essay writing aspect generally touches only the availability of titles. Saying about structure, it can be free enough. Note that arguments can go before theses. You can state the problem to conclude, too. There’s no specific order.

Honesty and Innovative Look

Essays should reflect the truth lying in discussions of something close, familiar and exciting. It is not worth retelling someone else’s thoughts or going too deep. You better take a simple topic and present its review through the prism of your vision that probably is much different from the common one.


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