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This kids was a “BRAT”, signs that say you are raising a brat!

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I love kids, honest I do! I come from a family of 13 brothers and sisters and my mom and dad worked very hard to make sure we all went to college. Each one of us hold many degrees in many fields. We never had anything handed to us back in the day, there was no spoiling this child or that one! We were taught to work for what we wanted and that we did!

So when I had my children I used those same principals! In today’s world these kids are just to spoiled and you know what happens when they can’t get what they want, they freak, I mean really freak to were as a parent looking in, I can’t believe that other parents allow that type of behavior.

Lord knows I believe in rewarding my children just like my parents did back in the day but when we were rewarded we were grateful and thankful and never ever freaked out if mom or dad didn’t get or give us what we asked for. You see if we would have screamed, yelled or cursed at our parents like these spoil kids do today, we wouldn’t have been able to sit on our butt.

Yes, we received whoopings when we were young and you know what so did my children, and those whoopings kept me in line and my kids too, no screaming or cursing here!  When my mom and dad said NO to something they meant NO, sometimes dad could just look at you and you knew right off what that meant…”don’t try me” lol!

Just the other day I was in a store and omgoodness, I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears. This cute little fellow was screaming to the top of his lungs asking his mom for a toy, she just walked away from him without saying anything so he begins to scream even louder to where people were coming around the aisle just to see what was going on. He screamed so loud even the store manager came out asking if all is well , that young boy looked at him with such an evil eye and shouted to him “SHUT UP“!

Every aisle they went too he wanted a toy  and you could tell he had done this many times to her because she simply said honey lets not do this today. But nooooo, he didn’t care he jumped up and down, started kicking and of course screaming even louder pulling things off the shelves but what got me was she never took hold of him at all nor did she apologize to the store staff for his behavior of knocking things down or speaking to an adult in that tone. The last thing he did really took me over,  he shouted to her saying “MOM I HATE YOU” WOOOOOO buddy.

Well long story short, she took him right to the toy selection where he was misbehaving and bought every last toy he was crying for…….Lord it took all I had to say something but I kept my mouth closed and just shook my head thinking to myself…”WHAT A BRAT“!

So I pose this question to you…”Are You Raising a Brat? Here’s a few signs to show your kid is a brat!

1) Controls Your Life

2) Talks Rudely to Adults and Is Mean to Peers

3) Acts Defiant

4) Hits, Grabs, Acts Bossy and Everything Else that Embarrasses You

5) Constantly Throws Tantrums

6) Speak to you and others with such a harsh tone

7) Roll his or her eye’s

8) Uses vulgar language

I don’t know about you but if I had a kid like that I would nip that behavior in the bud ASAP!!





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6 thoughts on “This kids was a “BRAT”, signs that say you are raising a brat!

  • Like some of you others, I was spanked too if I misbehaved in public. After I was grown, things were pretty much the same until the government decided to tell parents how they are to raise their children. Now, all the bad things going on in schools is the result of the lack of discipline. A lot of young adults these days have no respect for authority or anyone. It’s a sad situation to see.

  • We were also raised ‘old school’ and while I don’t have to spank my child she is being raised to have respect.

  • no parent ever admits they are raising a brat- no matter how bratty the kid is 😉

  • Oh my heart breaks for that mom, cause she is really only making it worse. My kids..Holy moly; they would have been whooped once we got home. But seriously. We now live in a society now where parents have to FEAR disciplining their children because someone might report them to child services. And then it’s not innocent until proven guilty, it’s “guilty until proven innocent”. it has a lot of parents fearful to do anything. And it is ruining our society!

    My daughter has special needs, so she can’t be spanked. But nor do I give into her either. She throws a fit; I pick her up and take her out of the situation. And she NEVER gets what she wants.

    My boys; they know if they misbehave like that; they get all privileges taken away, they really push it; they also get spanked.

    I just wish we lived on a Farm like when i was growing up. I had 8 brothers and sisters. We all worked hard just like you. If we misbehaved, we were spanked. And lost privileges. We had to earn anything that was a “want” and not a need. This was done by extra manual labor; and farm work.
    I think my kids are missing out on those tasks. And we are working to change that.

  • Some times tantrums are just that a tantrum from possibly being spoiled but sometimes there is a story behind the child’s behavior. I don’t judge other parenting styles because everyone is different.

  • I’ve learned that my parenting choices may be different than someone else’s, so I tend not to judge. Also, as a mom of a special needs child, sometimes tantrums are not bratty at all.


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